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A Tradition of Excellence with Allkind Joinery


A Tradition of Excellence with Allkind Joinery

Australian Focus Construction, a leading Australian construction industry publication, recently ran a feature story about Allkind Joinery. A Tradition of Excellence, by Aleisha Parr, begins by noting the decline in construction quality as companies move towards “faster and cheaper processes” and goes on to cite Allkind Joinery & Glass as a shining example of an exception to this unfortunate trend.

The article goes on to say that by “maintaining original timber construction traditions while also embracing technology, Allkind is able to ensure the highest quality product for all of its customers.” This couldn’t sum up Allkind Joinery better. Allkind Joinery and Glass New ShowroomWith a 40 year history of excellence behind it and a “tradition of excellence” that reaches back to the 1920s, this is one prestige joinery that has managed to maintain the time-honoured traditions of timber craftsmanship while fully embracing the best of modern technology.

An example of this perfect marriage between old world craftsmanship and new world technology cited in Ms Parr’s article is Allkind’s continued use of full mortise and tenon joinery in the construction of solid timber doors. This is a construction technique many joiners abandoned decades ago because it is a time-consuming and expensive technique. A less well-constructed door may last five years or even longer if not subjected to weather or abuse. This may be long enough for it to exceed its warranty (if it has one), but it’s not good enough for Allkind Joinery. Just as the timber doors and windows in many of Australia’s finest Federation homes are as sound today as they were a century and a half ago, this company wants its timber doors to be adorning the entrances of Brisbane homes a century from now.

No Job Too Large or Small for Allkind Joinery & Glass

One of the hallmarks of a prestige joinery is that top architects and construction companies will call on them when they need the best. Allkind is the carpentry and joinery company the Brisbane business community calls on when a client demands only the best. Just a few of the prestigious construction and renovation projects Allkind has taken part in include:

  • The world class Emergency Services and Disaster Coordination Centre in Kedron that played such an important part in Brisbane flood relief.
  • Sirromet Winery in Mt. Cotton.
  • Several of Brisbane’s larger Catholic churches.
  • Brisbane’s iconic Customs House

In addition, Allkind Joinery has taken part in the construction of some of Brisbane’s largest and most prestigious homes.

Allkind-Joinery-and-Glass-Pty-Ltd-562-Rode-Road-Chermside-Brisbane-4032Does all of this mean that Allkind Joinery Brisbane is out of the range of the average Brisbane homeowner or not interested in taking on smaller jobs? Not at all: in fact, this company owes its success to the thousands of average homeowners who come to them for timber windows and doors and home renovation projects. No job is too large or small for Allkind Joinery & Glass and every job is treated with the same dedication to excellence.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of the Allkind Joinery tradition of excellence, just contact them today and discuss your home renovation needs with a senior member of their staff. Whether you need timber windows and doors; a new kitchen; timber cabinets for your living room, bedroom or office; or anything else that requires the skills of a master cabinet maker, Allkind Joinery has the expertise and experience you want at a price you can afford. There is no reason to settle for second-best when the best is in your own backyard.

Allkind Joinery - A tradition of excellence

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Rob Schneider was a self-employed cabinet maker until he traded in his workshop for a laptop and embarked on a new career as a freelance writer. The years spent working with wood gave him an appreciation for fine joinery like that produced by Allkind Joinery.
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