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Pins of the Month – Jan 2015

Timber Kitchen Island Pin It Walls painted in a Sherwin-Williams high-gloss oil serve as the backdrop for a Yayoi Kusama …

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before after timber joinery renovations

Before and After: Timber Joinery Renovations

They say “the proof is in the pudding.” You can rave to your friends how great your special pudding recipe …

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Renovate Living Room Timber Windows Doors

Replacing Old Windows with New Timber Windows

Allkind Joinery has been making timber windows for the better part of half a century. The difference between Allkind Joinery …

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Renovate Living Room Timber Windows Doors

Renovating Your Living Room with Timber Windows & Doors

You’ve been through the usual list of living room renovation ideas. A fresh coat of paint helped, but it wasn’t …

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allkind joinery kitchen replace reface kitchen

Replace or Reface Your Kitchen?

Replace or Reface Your Kitchen? There are many reasons why you might want to replace your kitchen, but is having …

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customs house brisbane history allkind joinery architecture

History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture

History of Allkind Joinery and Brisbane Architecture Allkind Joinery has a long and distinguished history, but in a very real …

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Options for Timber Kitchen Benchtops

Options in Timber Kitchen Benchtops

Allkind Joinery Brisbane achieved their reputation as Brisbane’s prestige joinery decades ago because of their commitment to quality timber products. …

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Timber door entries - first impressions count

Putting Your Best Business Foot Forward with Timber Joinery Products

Have you ever walked into an establishment and suddenly felt a little uneasy about it without quite knowing why? The …

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Cure for Sick Building Syndrome

Ventilating Timber Windows and Doors – the Cure for Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe a variety of health problems associated with “sick” buildings – …

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World Wood Day 2014: Honouring Timber Craftsmanship

Back in November 2013, we belatedly covered the inaugural World Wood Day. An initiative of the International Wood Culture Society …

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Bathroom Vanity Cupboards

Transforming Your Bathroom with Timber

The trend in bathrooms today is away from the slick-surfaced, institutional look of traditional tiled bathrooms towards a more natural …

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Scraping Paint

The Hazards of Lead-Based Paint on Timber Windows

Until 1970, lead-based paints were used extensively on Australian homes. Until that time, the health hazards of lead were little …

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zoned living bifold and sliding doors

Open Plan or Zone Living?

Today, we usually think of open plan design in relation to residential spaces. Actually, commercial interior designers introduced the concept …

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Solid Timber Doors

Why Choose Solid Timber Doors and Windows?

Solid timber doors have become rare in Australia. It started in the post war years, when mass production replaced custom …

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