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Bring the Outdoors In with Glass Panel Timber Doors


Glass Panel Timber Doors to Bring the Outdoors In

If one phrase sums up 21st century home design in balmy Queensland, it’s “bring the outdoors in.” The ideal way to accomplish this is to install glass panel timber doors. Why glass and timber instead of the less costly standard aluminium sliding glass doors or hollow core entry doors? In a word, it’s style. The combination of glass and solid timber door frames made from fine timbers is the best way to add style to a renovation or new construction. It is also a cost effective solution, since fine architectural details like solid timber doors can add thousands of dollars of value to a home and added prestige to a commercial setting.

Anatomy of a Well-Made Timber Door

A well-made timber door begins with the raw materials. Australia is blessed with an abundance of indigenous and tropical hardwoods that are perfect for high quality timber products. A few of the species used at Allkind Joinery include:

  • Surian Cedar (Australian Red Cedar): A protected species, harvesting in Queensland is now strictly controlled. Allkind Joinery only uses surian cedar that will not threaten existing stands of this timber in Australia.
  • New Guinea Rosewood is prized by cabinet makers for its beauty and stability.
  • Australian Silky Oak is a fast growing indigenous species that is not only beautiful, but highly rot-resistant, making it perfect for timber doors.
  • Jarrah is a Western Australia native. Highly durable, workable and stable, its rich, deep brown to red colouring makes it a favourite in prestige joinery work.

First, well-seasoned boards are hand-selected by the cabinet maker after initial surfacing. From this point on, the difference between the “wood butcher” and the master cabinet maker glass-panel-timber-doors-brisbanebecomes apparent. To the untrained eye, a door looks like a relatively simple construction, but it’s what’s hidden from the eye that is important. A true craftsman knows there is no better way to build a door than with full mortise and tenon joints. Using modern computerised machinery, Allkind Joinery is able to repetitively make precisely cut rails and stiles that when joined, wedged and glued together will never sag, separate or fall out of square. While the expert cabinet makers in the workshop would probably be able to do this by hand, it would require hours of intensive labour per door and not be cost effective.

Once the doors are sanded, sealed and finished to protect the timber and bring out its natural beauty and the glass is installed, they are ready for hanging. In some cases, they will be installed in their frames in the workshop. In other cases, the timber doors will be hung on-site in existing frames. In either case, after they are hung, they will glide effortlessly open and closed and be a stunning addition to any home or commercial setting.

Types of Glass and Timber Doors

New and improved styles of architectural door hardware allow cabinet makers to create an exciting array of glass and solid timber doors that previously would have been prohibitively expensive. Aside from standard hinged entry doors and sliding doors, it is now possible to affordably choose pivot or bifold doors:

  • Pivot door hardware is located at the top and bottom of the door rather than at the sides. This serves both practical and aesthetic purposes because the doors can be much wider and heavier than standard side-hinged styles. Whether it’s for the home or corporate offices, there’s no better way to make a “grand entrance” than with pivot timber doors.
  • High quality architectural bifold door hardware makes it possible to hang even the heaviest of glass and timber doors without the risk of having them sag or bind. With a pair or series of these, you can truly “bring the outdoors in”, opening up as wide an area as you please to the fresh air when the weather is fair and protecting your interior from the elements when the weather turns foul.

The difference between glass panel timber doors and common aluminium framed doors is like the difference between putting an artistic masterpiece in a cheap frame or in a frame built by a master craftsman. Far from distracting from the view, the timber door frame enhances it, whether you are looking out over the sea, your garden or the cityscape. Workmanship like this is only possible when carried out by masters of carpentry and joinery, though, so if you want the best, choose the best: Allkind Joinery and Glass of Brisbane, Queensland.

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Rob Schneider was a self-employed cabinet maker until he traded in his workshop for a laptop and embarked on a new career as a freelance writer. The years spent working with wood gave him an appreciation for fine joinery like that produced by Allkind Joinery.
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