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The old adage, “First impressions count” applies as much to commercial joinery as it does to a job seeker. Why? The first thing you see when you walk into a reception area is the reception desk. While your conscious mind may be preoccupied with the business at hand, your subconscious mind is judging the level of service you can expect to find based on the interior design; especially the appearance of the reception desk. That’s why better businesses always insist on custom timber reception desks rather than their mass-produced counterparts.

Designing Custom Timber Reception Desks

The art of custom timber reception desks begins with design. A prestige joinery company like Allkind Joinery in Brisbane, Queensland can work with an interior designer or architect or even work directly with a client and create a custom design for them. There are several steps in the design process:

  1. A senior representative of the commercial joinery goes on-site to measure the available space and discuss the client’s requirements. How many storage and filing cabinets are required? What about work stations? Are customers going to be seated or will they be standing? These and dozens of other practical questions need to be answered first.
  2. After discussing the functional aspects of the project, they can begin to talk about the aesthetic details. While space may be limited, the design and materials used in the construction of custom timber reception desks are limited only by the skills of the cabinet maker. That’s why it’s so important to choose a company with an extensive portfolio like Allkind Joinery Brisbane. It’s one thing to design complex timber joinery, but quite another to create the finished product.
  3. Once he has a clear idea of the requirements of the job, the cabinet maker can create preliminary drawings for the client’s approval. Thanks to computer aided design (CAD) programs, the drawings can be viewed in 3D from all angles and in colour so the client knows exactly what they will get.
  4. Finally, after all the details have been ironed out, the commercial joinery can give an exact quote and delivery schedule.

Building Custom Timber Reception Desks

Timber Reception Counters BrisbaneTake a look at the Reception Desk Gallery on Allkind Joinery and you will see a variety of gracefully curved facades and counter tops. As any good cabinet maker can attest, this is extremely difficult to accomplish using old fashioned techniques. While it still requires the expertise of master craftsmen, computer aided machines (CAM) take much of the trial and error out of the process and help reduce labour costs: a savings the joinery can pass on to the client.

Also note the artful combination of fine hardwoods, timber veneers, metallic finishes and/or painted surfaces on Allkind Joinery custom timber reception desks. Each of these aspects of construction requires special skills. While the casual observer may not appreciate the level of expertise that goes into fine cabinet making like this, they will see the completed project as a reflection of your business’s good taste and professionalism.

When a client or customer approaches a master-crafted custom timber reception desk, they approach it with confidence that they have come to an establishment that values quality and service. If it’s a hotel, they will be confident that their accommodation will be of a high standard; if it’s a restaurant, they will look forward to an excellent meal; and if it’s a law firm or other professional service, they will feel they have chosen the best.

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