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ALLKIND enjoys an enviable reputation as the Brisbane’s Prestige Joinery of choice for homeowners looking for the best products on the market. Amongst ALLKIND’s specialties are Kitchens.

The two most visible aspects of any kitchen are its benchtop and door and drawer fronts. Two of the most popular benchtop materials on the market today are laminate and engineered stone. ALLKIND is a proud endorser of Laminex, for their premium quality product and expansive range. Engineered stone is made from natural stone or quartz, which is first ground into a fine powdered and then engineered into slabs using resins, binders and colouring agents to create a very hard, stain resistant surface. Aside from being more scratch and stain resistant than most natural stones, engineered stone has the added advantage of being very uniform in appearance. This makes it the perfect choice for today’s minimalist style kitchen, which emphasizes clean, uncluttered lines and a subtle color palette. As is true of laminates, some engineered stone products are better than others. ALLKIND is a proud endorser of Ceasarstone, the market leader in stone benchtops. To create the sleek minimalist appearance of a modern kitchen, ALLKIND can also use the time-tested two-pack polyurethane paint finish. Nothing beats polyurethane for toughness and beauty. Because it is a glossy finish, any imperfections in the MDF (medium density fiberboard) to which it is applied or in its application will be highlighted. That’s why ALLKIND has a zero tolerance for imperfections in both their Joinery and Cabinetry work.

In the long run, a Kitchen is only as good as its construction and the materials used in its construction. That’s why ALLKIND proudly uses Hettich hardware for their Cabinetry. Most door hinges, for example, look very much alike, but they don’t all perform alike. The Hettich soft-close hinges on ALLKIND Kitchens not only live up to their name, they ensure trouble-free use for years to come. The same thing is true of the drawer runners, drawer systems and other Hettich Kitchen hardware.

The ALLKIND commitment to perfection extends to the details that contribute so much to a Kitchen’s appearance and performance. Their selection of handles, splashbacks and interior lighting is second to none and includes up-to-date products, including an enormous selection of designer handles and drawer pulls, popular glass splashbacks, and cool burning, energy efficient LED lighting.

Visit the ALLKIND Showroom to experience our Kitchen display, along with timber joinery products for yourself.

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