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Green Renovation Trends in Brisbane


Green Renovation Trends in Brisbane

going green in brisbaneEverybody’s going green in Australia. It’s partly because of serious issues such as greenhouse emissions and diminishing resources, but it’s a matter of aesthetics as well. Australians are going green by going back to nature, even in the middle of the urban jungle. Allkind Joinery Brisbane sees this green trend every day in the building and renovation projects they undertake for discerning Brisbane homeowners, architects and interior designers.

Going Green with Timber Windows & Doors

Nothing makes a green statement like timber windows and doors. Not only do handcrafted solid timber doors and window frames have unsurpassable aesthetic beauty, they are actually the green environmental solution for Australia for a number of reasons:

  • Timber is a renewable resource. Nobody loves timber more than the craftspeople who work with it. The cabinet makers at Allkind Joinery Brisbane go out of their way to only use timbers acquired from environmentally responsible sources.
  • Timber has outstanding insulating properties. Solid timber doors and timber window frames are one of the best ways to keep the heat indoors in winter and outdoors in summer.
  • Timber growing is good for the land. When you compare the difference between a beautiful timber plantation and the environmental devastation caused by producers of other materials, you’ll know why timber is the environmentalist’s first choice as a construction material.

Going Green with Vertical Gardens

veritcal gardensAllkind Joinery is not in the landscaping business, but they do work hand-in-hand with top landscapers, interior designers and architects who are increasingly finding innovative ways to incorporate more greenery both indoors and outdoors. For example, a popular Brisbane inner city real estate blog, Going Green in Brisbane’s Inner City, was about a planned residential tower that was going to feature a 5 storey high vertical garden.

More than just a stunning aesthetic statement, vertical gardens are good for the environment and your health. The article quoted Phillip Johnson, a prominent horticulturist, who pointed out the environmental benefits of vertical gardens. In addition to producing CO2, he said, they “are also effective for insulating against heat and reducing city noise”, he said.

Indoor vertical gardens are an ideal way to both beautify your home and keep the air inside the house fresh and clean. As the “lungs of the earth,” trees and plants breathe in stale air and expel life giving CO2.

Going Green with Rain Curtains

Rain curtains are the latest trend in green interior decorating. Basically, a rain curtain is just what the name implies: a “curtain” of water. It can be contained between two sheets of tempered glass or made to flow down one side of the glass into a trough, out of which it is recycled. Originally expensive art installations, rain curtains for the home are now being manufactured commercially and coming down drastically in price.

Home renovators are finding a number of creative uses for rain curtains:

  • rain curtainInside the home, they are being used as room partitions, shower screens and as backdrops to indoor gardens. Where a window is wanted to allow filtered light into the home without allowing full visibility from the outdoors, a rain curtain can be a stylish and practical solution.
  • Outdoors, rain curtains are used in and around pools to create natural waterfall effects; as spectacular ornamental features; and even as cooling patio screens in summer. The advantage of outdoor rain curtains is that the water does not have to be as contained as it must be indoors, so their applications are only as limited as your imagination.

The combination of natural timber windows and doors, verdant plant life and flowing water is creating a revolution in Australian architecture and interior design. In tune with both our pressing need to make our environment healthier and our finer aesthetic sensibilities, the green revolution is not just a passing fad: it is the wave of the future.

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