Bi-fold Doors
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Advantages of Bi-fold Doors

Reduce your energy consumption

advantages bifold doors allkind joinery glass brisbane qld australiaBi-fold doors can greatly assist in reducing your energy consumption – simply by allowing you to limit the use of air conditioning (cooling and heating). In the winter, Bi-fold doors act brilliantly to welcome plenty of natural sunlight into your home. Your timber Bi-fold doors and timber framing will also provide additional insulation – ensuring that warmth is kept inside. In the summer, Bi-folds effectively allow you to open up an entire wall, and are the best option if you want to open out your home to great outdoors and welcome in that cool breeze!

Space Saving and Creative Scope

allkind,bi fold,bi-fold,bifold,timber,doors,design,custom,living,space,energy,joinery,glass,northside,brisbane,qld,australia,best,quality,cheap,affordable,wood,deck,patio,Bi-fold doors can be designed and customized to fit your requirements and suit the surroundings of your living space. Bi-folds are able to be folded back, whether by section or entirety, to consume less of your surrounding wall and/or living space when open.

As for the debate of Timber vs Aluminum – for us it’s about the difference in environmental impact – the production of aluminum results in 8x more greenhouse emissions and wastes 300x more water than timber production.

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Maintaining Your Timber
Bi-fold Doors

Maintaining your timber Bi-fold doors is simple and doesn’t require any special experience or abilities. Maintenance will assist in keeping the doors’ functionality and elegant appearance at their best.

  • Carefully check the bottom and top metal tracks that lead the motion of the doors – A vacuum cleaner is efficient in getting rid of any dust or dirt from between door tracks;
  • Check your doors’ surface finish – You can re-finish the doors with a quality coating – ALLKIND use and recommend Sikkens products for timber Bi-fold doors.

allkind,bi fold,bi-fold,bifold,timber,doors,design,custom,living,space,energy,joinery,glass,northside,brisbane,qld,australia,best,quality,cheap,affordable,wood,deck,patio,

FAQ: More on Timber Maintenance

Centor Sliding Insect Screens
and Blinds

If you’re concerned about insects, the Centor S1E eco-screen is one of the best systems on the market – they’re fully retractable and ideal for use with timber bi-fold doors.

Centor Sliding Insect Screens Blinds allkind joinery glass brisbane qld australia

Image provided by Centor

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