Entry and Pivot Doors
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Entry Doors

Make a statement for your home or work place – consider the impact that a modern set of timber Entry doors can make. At ALLKIND, we can custom design an Entry door, or full Entry unit, to your personal specifications. The front Entry is the first impression people have of your home, office or building and we all know of the importance of first impressions. The best impression is made by high-quality, stylish timber Entry doors. ALLKIND’s modern timber Entry doors provide stunning visual appeal combined with high-quality security and insulation.

Timber Entry Door - Entry and Pivot Doors // via ALLKIND


A variety of designs and functions of timber Entry doors are available for a wide range of different venues and applications. Whatever their particular application, timber Entry doors often have a number of features in common. Timber Entry doors may feature full or partial glazing or sidelights, perfect for welcoming in natural light. All glazing to doors and entry units is toughened safety glass. You can also select to have obscured or double glazing. A range of security locking systems are available to be incorporated into any timber Entry door design.


ALLKIND can provide a wide range of modern, contemporary and traditional styles of timber Entry doors to suit your home.

Pivot Doors

Timber Pivot doors are the most recent trend in interior design to create an excellent entrance. They’re also the ideal choice for an over-sized door area – the standard width for Pivot doors is 1200mm. Timber Pivot doors are a modern solution to replace basic, traditional doors.

Timber Pivot Door - Entry and Pivot Doors // via ALLKIND

Make a Statement

If you want to incorporate modern, contemporary style into your home, then the pivot door is the best Entry door solution for you. A timber Pivot door provides an exciting transformation for the front entrance of your home or office.

You can find images and pricing on the wide range of timber Pivot door styles that ALLKIND offers in the latest ‘Renovators Range’ catalog. ALLKIND can also design and craft custom Pivot doors, perfectly suited for your home. For a FREE consultation and quote, contact our experienced joinery estimating team today.


While a traditional timber door is hinged, a Pivot door utilizes a pivot point found at the bottom and top of the door – a hidden box which is mounted to the reinforced threshold and the floor, and a spindle which connects onto a reinforced section of the top head.

Timber Pivot Door - Joinery Hardware // via ALLKINDHardware: More on ALLKIND’s Joinery Hardware

Uses and Advantages

Installing a timber Pivot door in the entry of your home or business sees that the space generates clear transitions through to the interior, and lifts the look and feel of the entry. A space is converted from simple to chic with a contemporary Pivot door. You can also choose for your Pivot door to feature clear glass for transparency or frosted glass for privacy.

Timber Selection

Selecting the Perfect Timber Type
For Your Project

New Guinea RosewoodSurian CedarMerbauAmooraWestern Red Cedar


New Guinea Rosewood (‘NGR’) is a stable hardwood that doesn’t chip, split and bleed as much as most other comparable hardwoods. NGR has a high rating against cracks and shrinkage, and is easier to sand, paint and polish than other softer woods. The price of NGR is economical compared to other comparable species of hardwoods. NGR can be more susceptible to slight leeching if not properly sealed with oil based paints. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our New Guinea Rosewood from Australian timber merchants.

Natural Golden Yellow and Brown colour with a variable grain, giving NGR a desirable natural appearance with character.

Excellent: Hardness, Finish, Stability, Durability and Machining.
Good: Resistance to Splitting.


Surian Cedar (‘SC’) is a durable timber with a high rating against cracks and shrinking. SC is a lighter wood, and is more affordable than some other timber species. SC is softer than its comparable hardwood counterparts, and can be susceptible to slightly more movement. Paint finishing of SC requires more attention than, for example, New Guinea Rosewood. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our Surian Cedar from Australian timber merchants.

Darker Brown to Red colour with a consistent grain.

Excellent: Finish and Durability
Good: Stability, Machining and Resistance to Splitting
Medium: Hardness


Merbau is a strong and durable hardwood, commonly used for timber joinery framing, decking and cladding. Merbau is one of the hardest woods available on the Australian market, though can be more susceptible to leaching than other comparable timbers. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our Merbau from Australian timber merchants.

Well-defined yellow to brown and dark red brown colour with an interlocked grain.

Excellent: Hardness and Durability
Good: Finish, Stability, Machining and Resistance to Splitting


Amoora is stable hardwood with a desirable finish that requires less attention when painting than softer woods. Amoora can typically be slightly more affordable than some other timbers, and is often criticized for its very heavy weight and abrasiveness on tools. It is also know to be more susceptible to splits and cracks, with a lower rating against movement than comparable timbers such as New Guinea Rosewood. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our Amoora from Australian timber merchants.

Plain pink and brown colour with a consistent grain.

Excellent: Hardness and Finish
Good: Durability
Neutral: Stability, and Resistance to Splitting
Fair: Machining


Western Red Cedar (‘WRC’) is a relatively durable but very soft wood, commonly used only for cabinetry detailing and cladding. WRC is more susceptible to movement than most other comparable timbers. ALLKIND often recommends alternative solutions before using WRC for timber joinery in Queensland homes, as it is not a strong performing timber in the humid, sub-tropical climate.

Yellowish to brown colour with a straight grain and uneven texture.

Good: Finish, Machining, Resistance to Splitting.
Poor: Hardness


View more photos of Timber Entry and Pivot Doors, as well as other recent work by ALLKIND Joinery, below.

Galleries: Entry Doors Photos

Timber Entry Door - Entry and Pivot Doors Gallery // via ALLKIND

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