Timber Sashless Windows

Timber Sash-less Windows – A Panoramic View

Timber Sash-Less Windows are a relatively recent phenomenon and though people may have heard of the term, may not know what it actually looks like. Basically Timber Sash-Less Windows delivers the looks of a window but with the practicality of a window. To know what a Timber Sash-Less Windows looks like you must know the meaning of the term ‘sash’. A sash is a frame, made of timber, aluminum or plastic fitted around a glass pane. For generations, you could not have a clear unobstructed view; the sash was ever present. This the only choice we had, irrespective whether it was a sliding window or double hung, the sash was necessary to open the window.

So How Is A Sashless Window Made Possible

So what changed to make a sash less window possible? The secret of a Timber Sash-Less Windows becoming possible is due to the fact that glass production techniques changed. Modern glass manufacturing methods have not only made glass stronger it has made it cheaper. The cost of a 6 mm thick glass pane, the minimum thickness required for a sash less window, became more affordable, leading to its widespread use. Now it was possible to have a panoramic view and yet open it for circulation of air. This unobstructed view with air circulation made it ideal for homes and buildings. The sash less sliding windows and sash less double hung windows had arrived with a bang.

There are different models of Sash-less windows

The vertical Timber Sash-Less Windows are much easier to open than the traditional double hung windows. They have a hidden counter-balancing mechanism which allows effortless opening of both the glass panes simultaneously. Sometimes locking mechanisms are also incorporated so that it can be kept open in different positions. In the closed position, the glass panes overlap and are designed to be sealed to prevent air and water seepage.

The Timber Sash-Less Windows has a timber frame on which the sashes less glass panes slide. A timber frame gives it a solid, elegant look and can be painted or stained to suit the exterior or interior décor. It is also possible to have mouldings on the frame. The timber frame is of critical importance to the functioning and life of the Timber Sash-Less Windows. If the Timber Sash-Less Windows is made of inferior quality timber or with shoddy workmanship, the frame may warp or rot, leading to unnecessary additional expenses.

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