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The World of Timber Entrance Doors


The World of Timber Entrance Doors

 Take a walk down any suburban street in Brisbane and compare houses. You’ll pass some with scarcely a second glance. Others may have a few Timber Doors Front Entryfeatures you admire, but you won’t stop to take a photograph in order to get ideas for your own home renovation project. Every now and then, though, one house will stand out from the rest. Although it’s basically the same shape and size as its neighbouring homes, there’s something about it that is simply better. Usually, it’s a combination of features, but one thing all outstanding homes have in common is solid timber entrance doors.

 If you’re not convinced, try visualising the same house with a standard hollow core entry door. It just doesn’t work, does it? The house may be nicely painted and landscaped, but that bland looking entry door looks even worse if everything else is just right.

What’s the point of this little exercise? Whether you’re renovating to sell or renovating to make your house a home you can take pride in, your choice of timber entrance doors is going to make a big difference.

Timber Door Construction

 Allkind Joinery Brisbane makes a lot of timber entrance doors. Many of their entry doors are frame and panel doors whose most distinctive visual feature is their craftsmanship and the fine timbers they are constructed from. You have to look a little more closely or be a trained cabinet Pivot Doorsmaker to appreciate just how superior they are to mass-produced timber doors. A well constructed door will have mortise and tenon joints. The mortise is the hollow cavity at the end of the stile (the long vertical length of timber on each side of the door). The tenon is shaped from the door rail to fit perfectly into the mortise. Most better door manufacturers use this method of construction, but what makes an Allkind Joinery door superior is their use of ‘through tenons’; tenons that extend through the entire width of the stile. These are then wedged and glued into place to produce a door that will last not just a lifetime, but potentially for generations to come.

Styles of Timber Entrance Doors

Another thing that sets Allkind Joinery apart from its competition is the number of styles of entrance doors they offer. In fact, there is no limit to the styles of doors this Brisbane company can offer, because they can custom design one-of-a-kind doors that can better be described as works of art. However, they do start from a list of some basic styles:

  • A frame and panel timber door usually has four or more panels. Better panels are ‘raised panels’ with decorative edges.
  • A glass panel door has one or more panes of glass in place of a panel. The glass can be clear, opaque, stained glass or tinted.
  • French doors have glass panels for most or all of the length of the door. They often come in pairs.
  • A timber entrance door can have one or more side panels attached. These are usually glass and are great for wide entries.
  • Pivot doors are extra wide doors that are hinged at the top and bottom instead of the sides. This type of architectural hardware allows the cabinet maker to construct a wider and heavier door than would otherwise be possible.

Using these basic styles, Allkind Joinery has come up with an amazing variety of front door designs. Thanks to their designers’ expertise with CAD (computer aided design) software and computer aided machinery, a custom made entry door from Allkind Joinery Brisbane can be surprisingly affordable. Contact Allkind today for a free consultation and find out how to make your home stand out from the rest.

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