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Timber Doors Brisbane Style


Timber Doors Brisbane Style

Where else but in Brisbane can you enjoy a perfect climate all year ‘round in a cosmopolitan capital city surrounded by nature and only a stone’s throw from the world class Queensland beaches of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast?  Brisbane is the home of Allkind Joinery & Glass, a prestige joinery company that prides itself, amongst other things, in creating what they call “timber doors Brisbane style.” What do they mean by this?

What Are Timber Doors Brisbane Style?

The Brisbane lifestyle is an outdoors lifestyle. Like all city dwellers, Brisbane homeowners and businesses value their privacy and security when they need it, but unlike those in less fortunate climates, they also like to open their doors wide to the magnificent city and landscapes surrounding them. Timber doors Brisbane style are doors that are both stylish and adaptable: doors that can provide protection when needed and open invitingly to the world when desired. Take these, for example:

Sliding Timber Doors Brisbane Style

The master cabinet makers at Allkind Joinery have perfected the art of making sliding glass doors. While a standard sliding glass door consists of a single aluminium framed door that Sliding Doorsslides behind a fixed glass panel, those created by Allkind Joinery start with a frame made from a fine indigenous or exotic timber chosen for its beauty and ability to withstand the elements. Using the best architectural door hardware, these finely crafted doors can be hung in pairs or in a series of doors that can open an entire living room out on to a patio or deck. What better way to entertain on a balmy Brisbane evening could there be?

 Bifold Timber Doors Brisbane Style

Another great way to open an interior space to the great outdoors is with bifold timber doors. While this type of arrangement does require a little extra interior or exterior space to accommodate the folding doors, it is a stylish and practical alternative to sliding doors. The one disadvantage of sliding doors (unless they are a pair of interior pocket doors) is that at least one door must always block access to a room or the outdoors. When fully opened, bifold doors take up little more space than the thickness of the doors. As with sliding doors, a series of bifolds can cover a wide expanse, allowing you to choose between opening an entire wall to the outdoors or your conference room or just a limited area.

 Pivot Timber Doors Brisbane Style

Brisbane residents like to open their doors wide to welcome their guests, clients and business colleagues. Unfortunately, a standard hinged door can only open so wide. Allkind Joinery solves this problem by using a unique type of architectural door hardware. Pivot door hardware is installed at the top and bottom of the door. This kind of hardware can support the Timber Sliding Doors Allkind Joinery & Glassweight of wider doors, even if they are high quality solid timber doors. The proof that pivot doors have become an integral part of the Brisbane lifestyle is in the numbers of them Allkind Joinery is installing in luxury homes, apartments, upmarket restaurants, offices, spas and resorts throughout the city.

All of these types of doors are different, but they all share some things in common:

  • They are made by master cabinet makers.
  • They are made from the finest natural timbers.
  • They utilise the best architectural door hardware.
  • They open wider than standard doors.

Stylish, urbane and sophisticated, yet at the same time in tune with the relaxed, natural Brisbane lifestyle – that’s “timber doors Brisbane style”. For a closer look at the best of them, check out the Allkind Joinery Timber Door Gallery and find a style that suits your Brisbane lifestyle.

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Rob Schneider was a self-employed cabinet maker until he traded in his workshop for a laptop and embarked on a new career as a freelance writer. The years spent working with wood gave him an appreciation for fine joinery like that produced by Allkind Joinery.
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    When choosing a front door to suit your home, it should reflect a sense of your own personal style. And if you lean toward the unconventional or the newly realized conventions of the historically used door, then this type of door will suit your building designs quite well. Selecting the right timber for a door is indeed very crucial in achieving the look and purpose desired by its owners.

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