Timber French Doors

Let the full glory of the sunshine into your home by fitting a beautiful set of Timber French doors. These delightful doors are ideal for generating a sense of space in a room and bringing fresh air and sunlight into your home. Timber French doors will make you feel closer to the beauty of the outdoors by offering wider clear views. At the same time a good pair of Timber French doors offers warmth and security for your home. Timber French doors make a fantastic addition to any home or business.

What are Timber French Doors?

Timber French Doors BrisbaneTimber French doors are mostly found in matching pairs. Each French door is made up of a door frame that is glazed with transparent glass panels or a mix of glass and timber panels with timber moldings. These panels are most often made of toughened safety glass, and if the doors have multiple glass panels, different colored glass can be used in different sections of the door and this can give a beautiful complimentary look. Perspex or a similar material depending on the use and positioning of the door can also be used. These glass panels usually cover the majority of the area of the door, giving the Timber French door the appearance of a large window. For this reason Timber French doors are often used by home owners to replace windows, particular ones which overlook outdoors and gardens. Having a pair of Timber French doors fitted on a rear wall of a home is a very popular home improvement leading out onto a deck or similar. It allows much better views of the outside garden and much easier access. The timber frame has an insulation strip at ground level and where the doors meet to stop water and insulate from cold weather etc. A specially designed flush bolt allows each door to be secured at the top and bottom with one turn of the handle or with individual activation.

A pair of internal French doors can be fitted to divide a large living space into two usable living spaces while still allowing plenty of light to flow through the home. Internal French doors can help make home owners make the most of their space and they can help keep the home warmer as well. Normally the design of exterior French doors or interior French doors will not usually include a central mullion or support post, this is to allow an unobstructed opening so the two divided areas can easily be opened into one larger space.

Timber French Doors Available in Brisbane

French Doors Brisbane Allkind JoineryThere is a vast range of traditional and stylish Timber French Doors available to buy and be custom made at Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd in Brisbane. They are available in a huge variety of styles and Allkind Joinery can design or provide you the whole range of modern and traditional French door types. Traditional timber French doors are Allkind’s specialty and are available in many different stains and timber materials to suit your needs.

You will also find the full range of glazing and timber French door furniture hardware options available to view and choose from in our showroom at Chermside, Brisbane.

Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd are also aware of the home security aspect of having new doors fitted and all modern timber French doors are fitted with the very latest security locking technology to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd offer free quotations on fittings and viability of timber French doors for your home or business project. View our Timber French Doors Gallery Here

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