Timber Pivot Doors

Timber Pivot Doors are the most recent trend in interior design as it creates an excellent entrance. It is also the ideal choice for an over sized door area. Timber pivot doors are a modern inviting solution to replace the conventional sliding glass doors. Double exterior doors in office buildings, high-end restaurants, salons and spas, luxury apartment complexes, and homes are now being replaced by the stunning pivot door in order to create a remarkable modern entrance.

Timber Pivot Doors – Make a Statement!

Pivot DoorsIf you want to incorporate a contemporary style into your home, then the pivot door is definitely the best solution for you. It can be an exciting transformation for your front door, entertainment area, conference room, or office lobby.

Timber Pivot doors need a bigger opening and are suitable for over sized external doors. A lot of pivot door styles may be set up to replace an old-style double door. It requires enough space to allow for a section of the door to sway and pass through. You can find a wide range of this type of door styles available and we custom make to suit your needs.

Timber Pivot Doors – Hardware:

The vital feature of a pivot door is the offset pivot location. The traditional door hinge is found on the right or left edge of the jamb and door. Meanwhile, the pivot door utilizes a pivot point found at the bottom and top of the door, a hidden box which is mounted to the reinforced threshold and the floor, and a spindle which connects onto a reinforced section of the top head.

Timber Pivot Doors: Uses and Advantages

Pivot DoorsBy setting up contemporary timber pivot doors in the entrance to your home or business, the space generates clear transitions from an area to another and lifts the whole look of the home or office. An executive conference room is converted from simple to chic with a contemporary pivot entrance door that can feature clear glass for transparency in an organization or frosted glass for privacy and because the pivot door is large, it creates bigger openings for large items to go through the framework. This makes the pivot door perfect for commercial businesses and industrial use.

Aside from the aforementioned functions, timber pivot doors can also make a good entrance for your home if you have a large space. Your home can pleasantly stand out among all others with this type of door. You may choose between metal or glass pivot doors, or a combination of both. Timber Pivot doors are usually intended to open with a moderate touch. Thus, they are quieter than the traditional door knobs which turn and latch. 

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