Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows – Versatile and Stylish

Double Hung Windows, the name of a widely used, traditional type of window not many people are familiar with, but most probably would have seen it, without recognizing it. Windows have evolved a long way, from just a hole in the wall to the more complex designs of today. Double Hung Windows are of a unique, practical design and are widely used in modern homes as well as older renovations. They look classy and can certainly lift the look of a home.

Timber Double Hung Windows – what are they?

Timber Double Hung Windows BrisbaneIt basically consists of an upper and lower window sash which slide vertically past one another within a single frame. The Double Hung Window usually has a lower sash in front of the upper sash. Double Hung Windows have two grooves on side jambs and this allows the sashes to slide independent of each other. In full window screen Double Hung Windows, the sashes slide completely apart allowing for ventilation from both the top and bottom portions simultaneously. In the half screen type, the sashes are positioned accordingly. Modern Double Hung Windows have many innovations such as Tilting sashes for easy cleaning, thermal insulation for improving energy efficiency etc. The reason Double Hung Window is popular is its versatility and is the first choice for replacement windows.

Timber Double Hung Windows – How are they made?

Each sash of  Double Hung Windows may have a solid glass pane or it can be divided into separate lights by using muntin bars or decorative grids. This gives a wide option of designs and styles for decorative purposes . Muntin bars are pasted onto the glass pane as per decorative requirements and they can be pasted on either or both sides of the glass. The grids are generally snapped in place and are removable. The rectangular or contour styles are popular for grids. Double Hung Windows, made with a combination of muntin bars and grids, can be made to look extremely attractive.

Double Hung Windows can be made from a wide range of materials however timber Double Hung Windows are very popular as wood imparts a natural and pleasing look to the window as well as its good insulation properties. The added advantage of Double Hung Timber Windows is that they are long lasting and require minimal maintenance. They can be painted or stained and sealed to suit the decor of the room or exterior. What ever the design, shape or colour you chose, it is important to pay attention to quality. This will ensure the life of the Double Hung Windows matches that of the building.

Timber Double Hung Windows – Availability

In Brisbane, Australia Allkind Joinery & Glass, makes a wide range of timber Double Hung Windows. We have an amazing range of designs and colours to choose from. Our prices are reasonable and the quality of our timber joinery products are top class. Though standard designs are readily available, unique made to order designs can easily me manufactured to suit your needs

You can view the different styles of timber windows in our Window Gallery and don’t hesitate to come and visit our show room so one of our friendly staff can show you the option when it comes to double hung windows.


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