Timber Bay Windows

Timber Bay Windows – Elements of  Style and Function

Timber Bay Windows designs are not only functional they serve a decorative purpose as well. A well designed house with Timber Bay Windows gives the home a unique look and can become a landmark for the locality. Timber bay windows are specially designed to allow the maximum light to fill the room and provide extra space to the area where they are installed. They are typically used to highlight a nice view or to add a stylish look to your home. For most people the best nook of the house can be by the bay windows and since it is a favorite place, it is frequently designed to accommodate window seats where one can sit to relax and enjoy the outside aspect. Modern architecture can also be seen to use various bay window styles to create a stunning visual effect.

 Types of Timber Bay Windows

timber bay windows brisbaneThere are two common styles for Timber Bay Windows designs. In the first style, the Timber Bay Windows juts out in a box shape and the lower area is filled with plants or ornamental decorations. This provides extra light and its exterior outline is in sync with the general shape of the home. This type of Timber Bay Windows is common in cheaper housing and is built to a standard design and model.

In the more expensive and exclusive option, which is more commonly seen in Australia, the Timber Bay Windows are of full height, from floor to ceiling. They are designed to have a polygonal shape, which creates a nook, and requires a floor plan deviation to suit. The most common shape for Timber Bay Windows is made of at least 3 angled sides with the middle glass panes parallel to the wall and usually the biggest in size for maximum light and view exposure.

 Timber Bay Windows – Installation

When full length Timber Bay Windows are installed you get the extra space to either put in a window seat, display or storage cupboards if you desire. Being a larger style window and an extension of the home, this helps to capture much more light to brighten up any area. If the light falling inside is too harsh, it can be filtered or reduced by using window treatment, blinds, curtains, shutters and the like. Since full length Timber Bay Windows create an irregular floor plan, they add to the cost of the home, but if the view is great it not only gives you pleasure, it also adds to the value of your property. Take care to ensure that the orientation and location of your Timber Bay Windows is best utilized for their maximum advantage which is a place to sit and relax and/or enjoy the view. Timber Bay Windows, being highly functional and decorative, will have an elegant look, should be made of good timber materials and have a high level of quality workmanship.

Timber Bay Windows – Where to Buy

Allkind Joinery & Glass located in Brisbane, are market leaders in the manufacturing and supply of Timber Bay Windows and other similar timber joinery products. Allkind have a vast array of timber window designs, sizes and models to choose from and can custom make all timber bay windows to suit your individual needs.

You can Contact Allkind for more information or visit our showroom and view the various designs and styles of timber bay windows available. When you buy Timber Bay Windows from Allkind Joinery you are getting an outstanding product that will give years of trouble free service.

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