Timber Bifold Windows

The Special Charm of Timber Bifold Windows

Traditionally, timber bifold windows had been bulky because they were just the scaled down versions of bifold doors. You can now see sleek newer versions of installed bifold windows in homes, restaurants and offices. Most people pick these windows because they are both functional and stunning to look at. With the right choice, design and proper care, bifold timber windows can look spectacular and last a very long time. The timber bifold windows in the market today are stunning and make an impression in any location.

Timber Bifold Windows – Open Wide

timber bifold windows brisbaneHomemakers can order custom bifold windows to go with existing bifold doors or to fit existing window frames. The large timber bifold windows do give a majestic look to any interior or exterior openings. Usually timber bifold windows have discreet window hardware with bearings running along the sill tracks. They look great from any angle and when open, the window panels fold back or concertina to the sides, opening up the majority of the frame area.

Depending on the width of the window area, there is choices for timber bifold windows with two, three or more panels as required. Opening the window by unlocking and moving the panels sideways, it opens the whole of the window, providing maximum air circulation and giving an unobstructed view to the outdoors or next area. Such windows also perform great as servery area for restaurants and home kitchens. When closed, they look great, when opened you don’t feel they are there with the available space they provide.

There are no limits on the type of window panels available for your timber bifold windows. It can be a single large bar with a single glass pane filling the whole of a panel, or choose from dozens of bar/sash configurations. There are a few types of glass to choose from like standard, laminated, toughened or maybe you want double glazing to keep the interior insulated plus have extra sound proofing as well.

Proper Care for Timber Bifold Windows

Wood as a material has the most natural look in your home. When kept away from moisture and bugs, they retain their shape and strength for any number of years. However, wooden furniture, windows and doors do develop problems like rotting, shrinking and expanding, etc. if not treated correctly from the beginning. We only use the best quality Sikkens finishers on all our joinery to keep window longevity to a maximum for many years of happy enjoyment . It is a good idea to keep water away with a veranda or an overhang to keep your timber bifold windows beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Buying Timber Bi-fold Windows

Timber Bifold Windows Brisbane Allkind JoineryShopping for bifold timber windows is a special experience. You may own some timber bifold windows already or have seen them being used in homes, restaurants and have a fair idea how they look and work. Allkind Joinery can show you a full range so you can get a close look and feel how these wonderful windows operate. Brisbane’s Allkind Joinery & Glass Pty Ltd is famous for making Timber Bi Fold Windows and all other timber joinery products. Their joinery products are of top class quality and they have a well earned reputation with many happy customers who can testify to their passion in getting every job perfect as possible. Their products are a benchmark of the industry.

Allkind Joinery are very well equipped with the latest machining and finishing technologies, and have a wide range of Timber Bifold Windows that they can easily supply. The standard designs, shapes and colors are available off the shelf or they can custom build to suit your exact requirements. Allkind Joinery staff are keen to help you and to answer all of your queries and give you advice on the best timber bifold windows to suit your budget and needs. Purchasing your Timber Bifold Windows from Allkind Joinery is best way to ensure you get a good quality, reliable product for a reasonable investment.

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