Timber Casement Windows

Timber Casement Windows – A Timeless Classic

Timber casement windows have been in style for more than a century in almost every part of the world. Carpenters had been making timber casement windows by hand well before modern carpentry equipments were even discovered and fitted such windows to churches and homes and retained their shape well while lasting for many years. Modern technologies have made it much quicker to manufacture windows and quality sealants and finishes make sure your timber casement windows do not twist or lose shape in the outdoor elements. Timber casement windows are low maintenance, meet security requirements and look great for many years after installation.

Timber Casement Windows – What Are They?

timber casement windows brisbaneBasically In most cases, two window panes swing open to the outside on vertical hinges to make up whats typically called a casement window. Swinging-in to open casement windows are not that much in style as not always practical in their inward movement. In your typical casement window, the window pane is made of timber and can include single or multiple pieces of glass fitted in the wooden frame. The hinges support the weight of the sashes when open. There are many standard size timber casement windows plus custom sizes can be made easily to suit your needs.

 Timber Casement Windows and Double Glazing

Although you see only glazed windows today, glassless windows too were once in style and are still popular in some parts of the world. The entire window sash is made of wood and doesn’t allow any light in while closed. The glazed windows allow lots of light into the room and open up to allow for better air circulation. Double glazing of timber windows ( that is 2 panes of glass side by side with an air gap between) can benefit in colder areas or where better sound proofing is needed. Double glazing of windows can save heating/cooling costs as the window can retain more heat/cold inside the room thereby creating a more energy efficient home or office.

It is easy to add insect screens to all types of casement timber windows if needed. Roll screens retractable to a casement are great because you can pull them out only when needed and then hide away from sight when not so you don’t notice them there. You can also use the traditional fixed insect screens attached to the window frame as well.

Timber Casement Windows and Your Home

While building or renovating a home or office, you will always have your own ideas on how things should look and feel and Timber Casement Windows do certainly add to the design and style of your home. You need to work out the size of your windows, your preferred design and the type of timber you want to use. You can get ideas by looking at the other houses and buildings and see whats around or come into our showroom to view our many examples, set up to show you the timber window styles and designs.

If you are looking for windows to replace your existing ones or you are building a new home, casement windows may well be worth considering. Timber casement windows, especially the larger sized ones, give any home a look of splendor. With the addition of double glazing, insect screens or whatever features you need, you can customize your home to look and feel just the way you want. We can also manufacture and design timber casement windows in the exact style of your existing windows if needed.

Call us or come visit our showroom and view the available options in timber casement windows.

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