Timber Louvre Windows

Timber Louvre Windows – Practical and Versatile

Timber Louvre Windows add a touch of elegance to your home or office.  They are very practical and can be used to control wind, rain, sunlight and air circulation.  They can be designed to add beauty to the interior and exterior of your building or home.  The origins of louvre windows are from the middle ages and it was just a simple, lantern like construction, used in kitchens, which kept the elements at bay yet allowed ventilation.  From this crude origin, the modern Timber Louvre Windows has evolved to be stylish and good looking and is commonly used in todays homes and buildings. The timbe Louver window can add an architectural style look to the design when incorporated in the right areas.

Timber Louvre Windows – What Are They?

timber louvre windows brisbaneThe modern Timber Louvre Windows consists of timber shutters fitted into a frame and all the shutters of the louvre windows can be opened or closed using a lever mechanism.  The timber shutters may be mounted horizontal or vertical.  The Timber Louvre Windows may also be fitted by means of a hinge to the frame to allow the entire louvre window itself be opened if needed.  This type of Timber Louvre Windows can also be used on the exterior of windows and gives the building an old world charm.  When the sun is direct on the window, the louvre windows can be shut while the internal window remains open.  Air circulation to the room can be ensured by keeping the shutters partially open while avoiding direct sunlight.   Timber Louvre Windows can also be used within French doors as a part of the door or separately fitted.  They can be then opened by sliding or they can be folded away in an accordion shape.  Thus by adding Timber Louvres, when the sunlight streams in through the windows, they need not be closed and curtains drawn.  The timber louvres can be used to control the sunlight while air circulation is not cut off.  The advantage of Timber Louvre Windows lies in this versatility.

Timber Louvres – Quality Manufacture A Must

One important aspect of Timber Louvre Windows is the quality with which it is made.  A low quality louvre window will not only look bad, you will probably have to replace it after a short
time costing needless extra expense.  The timber used should be of top quality and the workmanship should be of the highest standard.  Your timber louvers should be stained or painted
without any blemishes to seal against the elements – most importantly for any external applications.  A well made and fininshed Timber Louvre Window requires minimum maintenance
and will last a lifetime.
In Brisbane, Australia Allkind Joinery & Glass specializes in the manufacturing and supply of Timber Louvre Windows.  We are widely recognized as the leaders in the field and the quality
of our products is world class and is backed by our guarantee.  There are numerous designs, sizes and colours to choose from, and we can make any custom built timber louvre windows to
suit you needs.  While standard designs and sizes will be available on demand, customization may take a little longer but you will have the finished product to suit your special requirements.  You can order your new timber louvers by visiting our factory where we can show you the various options to suit your project and available to you in our display showroom.

View our Timber Louvre Windows, and if you purchase from Allkind Joinery, you can be sure the product is durable, looks good and has been made with the highest quality of workmanship
and materials.


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