Timber Sliding Windows

Timber Sliding Windows – Simple and Functional

Timber sliding windows have been widely used throughout history and are commonly being used in homes and buildings today as well. The timber sliding windows are made up of movable timber/glass panels that slide alongside each other to create an opening when required. The glass panes are held in frames and slide independently of each other usually along a track for smooth operation. They can slide either vertically (sometimes referred to as a double hung window) or horizontally. The direction in which the sliding window moves depends upon the structure and designing of the window. To keep the window in place, the window sashes are fitted with springs, compression weather stripping or balances.

Why Use Timber Sliding Windows?timber sliding windows brisbane

Today, there are modernized timber sliding windows available. These windows are larger than the conventional ones and are often seen in architectural designed buildings and homes. They cover a large opening to provide good views and be still functional and useful. The sliding window can be slid open horizontally to stack beside a fixed panel or both panels can slide stacking to either end when required. Multi lite sliding windows i.e more than 3 window panes can stack back even further to allow a greater unrestricted open window area. Timber sliding windows are simple in design and very easy to use. The sliding window has only a few movable parts so this makes them cheaper and easier to manufacture and make into different architectural designs.

The Benefits of Timber Sliding Windows

The sash or frame of the timber sliding windows can be operated effortlessly as they slide smoothly along a track usually made of aluminium. The window can be opened and closed efficiently and requires a minimum of maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Timber sliding windows are strong and robust and are probably the most simplest and longest lasting design window on the market today. If you want reliability as well as elegance in looks, the timber sliding window could be the window style you are looking for. When you need ventilation, you can easily slide open the window easily to allow the breeze and air into your room or area. The glass panes of the sliding windows, can be treated, coloured or finished for non transparency if privacy or less light is needed in the room. Most sliding windows made today use a transparent glass to provide a connection to the next room or views to the outdoors.

Installing Timber Sliding Windows

timber-sliding-windows-brisbane-allkind-joinery-329The timber sliding windows are suitable for use in most restricted spaces or smaller rooms right up to larger areas where a sliding window opening is required. If you have a lack of swing out room, the sliding window will be the perfect solution in this restricted area. They are widely installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries and kitchens right through to large architectural designs in restaurants and office buildings. Sliding windows are usually fitted with keyed locks for security purposes. The sliding window cannot be opened from outside when it is locked there by  making the sliding window a very secure design and style. Your sliding windows can also have added internal screens, so when your windows are open there would be no risk of any insects entering your house. Timber sliding windows can basically be installed anywhere in the house for efficient use.

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