Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the ALLKIND Joinery & Glass FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. We thought you might benefit from reading through answers to some questions that we’re often asked by our clients! If you would like to discuss your project in further detail, please contact our experienced team here.

Can I have obscured glazing in my windows/doors?

Yes. ALLKIND uses, and can source, most types of obscured glass. Please note: Not all obscured glass is available as toughened glass.

Can I have my doors/windows pre-primed/sealed?

Yes. We can supply your timber doors/windows as either raw finished or pre-primed/sealed.

What is the typical project turnaround time?

Typically, our turnaround time for new doors and windows is 3-4  weeks. However, this may often become extended during busy periods. We recommend placing a call to confirm our current turnaround – PH: 1800 757 949 (Toll Free).

What types of timber do you use?

We can source most types of timber that are available throughout Australia. Our premium timbers that we use most commonly are New Guinea Rosewood, Surian Cedar, Merbau and Ammora. We can also source Silky Oak, Spotted Gum,Western Red Cedar and Accoya.

I am not sure what types of doors and windows I want, can you advise?

Absolutely, our experienced staff can help advise on what joinery to use if you are unsure. We can go through your drawings and show you through our showroom to guide you through some of the different aspects that may help in deciding the right applications for your project.

Do you repair doors and windows?

Yes. We can do repairs on timber doors and windows. However, there may be times where it may be more cost effective to replace the door or window, as the time and cost of labor may exceed that of which to make a new one.

Can I have insect or security screens installed with my doors/windows?

Yes, ALLKIND can supply premium quality insect or security screens for your doors or windows. We are also proud to be a leading supplier of Centor sliding screens and blinds. Please contact our experienced staff for a quote on adding any of these options to your timber joinery.

What’s the best way to get a quote for my project?

The best way to get quote for your project is to email – enquiries@allkind.com.au, call – 07 3359 3025 or schedule a time to visit our showroom to consult with one of our experienced joinery estimators. Our estimators can get started on your quote when simply provided with approximate opening sizes, photos of existing spaces and drawings/plans for you project if you have them. Please do not forget to include your contact details. If you’re unsure of how take measurements yourself, it’s not a problem – please call us to chat with an experienced estimator, who can guide you through the process.

Is there anything I should make sure to do when taking measurements for my doors/windows?

If you’re unsure of how take measurements yourself, it’s not a problem – please call us to chat with an experienced estimator, who can guide you through the process.

Can we design our own doors/windows?

Yes. Most of the projects that we work on here at ALLKIND center around custom-made joinery. We pride ourselves on having plenty of experienced staff on our team that can custom design and build joinery, working closely with you to bring your vision to life.

what are your factory Pick-Up hours?

Our Factory Pick-up Hours are 7:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday.
Please note that ordinarily items stored in our Joinery Factory will be available for pick up only during Factory Pick-up Hours. Should you only be able to pick up your items outside of Factory Pick-up Hours, please contact your estimator on (07) 3359 3025 to make alternative arrangements.

are you open on weekends?

No, we are not open on weekends.  We suggest scheduling an appointment with our office for visits to our showroom. You can schedule an appointment by using the contact form on our Contact page or calling (07) 3359 3025.

Please note that our Factory is also closed on weekends.

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Any quote inquiries or general questions that you might have about our products or services are welcome! We’ve also featured a Google Map to help direct you to our office if you would like to visit our showroom and meet with our estimating staff face-to-face. For your free quote and to discuss your project with our friendly experienced team, contact us today.

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