ALLKIND enjoys a well-earned reputation as Brisbane’s Prestige Joinery of choice for homeowners looking for the best products on the market. Among ALLKIND’s top specialties are Kitchens.

The ALLKIND commitment to quality  and perfection extends to the details that contribute so much to a Kitchen’s appearance and performance. Our selection of handles, splashbacks and interior lighting is second to none and includes up-to-date products, including an enormous selection of designer handles and drawer pulls, popular glass splashbacks, and cool burning, energy efficient LED lighting.

Allkind Joinery & Glass - Kitchen Design and RemodelingSelecting Kitchen Benchtop Materials

Selecting the perfect benchtop for your new kitchen or renovation can seem difficult at first. There are a lot of options in materials to decipher, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Though navigating through all of the available information to make the final decision can often feel overwhelming to begin with, we hope to help you through the selection process with this guide to popular kitchen benchtop materials.

The benchtops in your kitchen will more than likely influence, or need to centre around, your kitchen’s style and colour palette. So it’s important to select something that looks great to you. It’s also important to select the right material for your benchtop that best suits your usage, and budget.

TimberEngineered QuartzLaminateMarbleGraniteConcreteStainless SteelCorian


Beautiful material, adding visual warmth; Rustic style; Also consider the use of part timber and part stone.

Durability and Maintenance
Long-lasting; Family friendly; Timbers that are naturally more water resisting are available, and water resisting finishes and waterproof varnishes are also available; Can be more susceptible to discolouration from heat or chemicals compared to stone, for example.

Flexible, with a range of pricing options available due to the wide range of timber and grain options.

Environmentally Friendly
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timbers available; Consider reclaimed woods.


Large variety of colours and shades.

Durability and Maintenance
Stout durability; Tough, nonporous and impact-resistant material; Can last a lifetime; Requires no sealants or waxes; Cleans with soap and water.

Design Flexibility
Can suit both modern and traditional styles; Can be fabricated in larger pieces with fewer joints.

Environmentally Friendly
Eco-friendly attributes; Great for indoor air quality, emitting few VOCs (volatile organic compounds); Nontoxic and non-allergenic for humans.


Wide range of colours and styles; Customizable edges and finishes.

Durability and Maintenance
Virtually free of any long-term maintenance; Can be not as durable and heat resistant as others.

Budget Friendly
Very Affordable.


Classic, timeless look; Luxe elegance; Dramatic veining.

Durability and Maintenance
Durable, can perform for decades; Can be softer and more porous than Granite; Can be more susceptible to scratches and stains; Routine maintenance is best limited to use of a soft cloth and warm water; Application of a water-based sealer is recommended every 1-2x years.

Design Flexibility
Wide variety of colours; Perfect for white kitchens; White marble can pair with a myriad of colour schemes.

Environmentally Friendly
Natural stone; Consider salvaged slabs.


Plenty of character; Unique grains and colours; Customizable finishes; Wide range of patterns and shades.

When properly sealed, one of the most durable kitchen benchtop materials on the market.

Budget Friendly
Flexible, with a range of pricing options available.

Environmentally Friendly
Natural Stone.


Durability and Maintenance
Long life span; Virtually indestructible; Can be more susceptible to develop tiny hairline cracks, though typically not structural; Requires only mild soap and cloth for routine maintenance.

Design Flexibility
Virtually infinitely customizable; Wide range of colours and visual textures available; Ability to unite with other concrete elements in the home.


Durability and Maintenance
Very durable; Can have a life expectancy of nearly 100x years; Nonporous and nonstaining; Heat and corrosion resistant; Can allow fingerprints and scratches to be more visible; Can be more susceptible to dents; Easy to clean; Can be cleaned with mild detergent, or baking soda or diluted vinegar with water.

Custom Made
Stainless steel benchtops are regarded as a high-end, top of the range product. Stainless steel benchtops are custom made, with sinks integrated into the top. This may often lead to higher costs in comparison to other benchtops, such as laminate and stone, due to additional labor time throughout construction and installation.

Environmentally Friendly
Material with a large portion of recycled content available; Can be reused; Consider no or low VOC (volatile organic compound) glues to maximize healthy indoor air quality.


Appearance and Design Flexibility
High-end, customizable finish; Wide range of colours.

Durability and Maintenance
Extremely durable; Any scratches can be buffered out, as the colour goes through the Corian product and so is easily repaired.

Corian is a premium, top of the range product that can often be more expensive than other comparable kitchen benchtop materials. This is due mostly to its high-end finish and long-lasting durability. Corian benchtops are also custom made, often with sinks and drainage grooves integrated into the Corian top.

hettich hardware

In the long run, a Kitchen is only as good as its construction and the materials used in its construction. That’s why ALLKIND proudly uses Hettich hardware for their Cabinetry. Most door hinges, for example, look very much alike, but they don’t all perform alike. The Hettich soft-close hinges on ALLKIND Kitchens not only live up to their name, they ensure trouble-free use for years to come. The same thing is true of the drawer runners, drawer systems and other Hettich Kitchen hardware.

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Allkind Joinery & Glass Office and ShowroomKitchen Showroom

The Kitchen display in the ALLKIND Brisbane Showroom features Kitchen Cabinetry and pantries; Hettich drawer systems, hardware and lighting; Laminex benchtops and splashbacks; essastone benchtops and surfaces, and Caesarstone benchtop samples.



Hettich is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality furniture fittings, and prides itself on delivering the highest level of quality products and service. Hettich drawer and hinge systems are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Hettich Endorsed Showroom
ALLKIND Joinery’s showroom is proudly endorsed by Hettich.
Hettich Endorsed Showrooms are a selection of hand-picked and exceptional showrooms, specifically chosen for their range, the quality of the product and displays on offer and their truly outstanding customer service.

Drawer and Runner Systems
A versatile range of quality drawer systems in a variety of interchangeable finishes to suite taste, style and budget. The drawers run on high quality precision made tracks, with soft close options, for smooth, clean running.

A wide range of award winning hinge systems with soft close options for a variety of applications.

Pantry and Corner Unit Systems
Innovative pull-out storage systems for pantries and corner units to retrieve any stored item quickly and easily, and return with a soft close system.

Pro Decor Handles
The latest range of inspiring handles in a myriad of styles with advanced surface finishes to suit individual personalities and lifestyles.

The ALLKIND Joinery Brisbane showroom also features other Hettich products such as Waste Sorting Systems, Accessories, Magic LED Lighting Systems and Interior Fittings.


Laminex has an extensive range of integrated decorative surface and product solutions for benchtops and much more. With more than 200 decors in the Laminex Colour Palette range, Laminex provides both designers and home owners with the perfect solution to help create the perfect space.

High Pressure Laminate
Thanks to amazing advances in design technology, laminate has evolved into an innovative and stylish design solution. With hundreds of contemporary design leading options paired with a range of finishes, laminate now offers unlimited possibilities. Laminate is the most cost effective decorative benchtop solution on the market.

Stone Patterns
With laminate you can get that authentic stone benchtop look for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to innovative printing technology and edging options, laminate can produce a stunning benchtop with the premium look of a real stone slab.

Durability Benefits
Laminate offers outstanding durability across the board. It’s heat, scratch and stain resistant.

The ideal, practical choice for vertical surface applications across the board, with an amazing variety of colours and finishes available for an affordable price. Easy to clean, stain resistant, and highly durable, it’s an extremely versatile surface material with hundreds of designs to choose from.

The ALLKIND Joinery Brisbane showroom also features benchtops and surfaces from the Laminex 180FX and CrystalGloss ranges, as well as doors and other products from the Laminex ColourTech and Countour Finedge Ranges.


The Pinnacle of Engineered Stone
essastone is the premium choice for luxurious kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, bathrooms and interior wall applications. Offering the durability of 95% natural quartz, and a sophisticated palette of designs, the range is the perfect solution for achieving a stylish finish with enduring appeal.

Scratch Resistant – Quartz is one of the hardest natural materials on earth, making essastone quartz highly scratch resistant.
Stain Resistant – Very low surface porosity prevents staining from spills.
Consistent Quality – Advanced technology and manufacturing techniques ensure that essastone quartz slabs are produced to a consistently high standard.

The ALLKIND Brisbane showroom also features Bone White and New Basmati benchtops and surfaces by essastone.


Caesarstone® manufactures high-quality, premium quartz surfaces. Applications in residential and commercial interiors include kitchen bench tops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities, wall paneling, furniture and more. The Caesarstone® brand is the leading brand of quartz surfaces in Australia.

The exceptional beauty, strength and durability of quartz ensures a product that is far superior to natural stone and other manufactured surfaces. Created from 93% natural quartz aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins, Caesarstone® provides a surface with exceptional properties of heat, stain, scratch and chip resistance.

The ALLKIND Joinery Brisbane showroom a wide variety of Caesarstone stone and colour samples available to view. Visit the friendly experienced team for more information on Caesarstone products and to discuss your project today.


Formica is the complete, practical solution for modern kitchens, bathrooms and commercial spaces. The simple mix and match palette features only the most popular colours of solids, patterns and wood grains to help create a look that works.

The ALLKIND Joinery Brisbane showroom a wide variety of Formica product samples available to view. Visit the friendly experienced team for more information on Formica products and to discuss your project today.

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