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Glass Louvres

Glass Louvre windows are used worldwide and have a wide range of practical applications in all types of buildings. Glass Louvre windows consist of a frame surround with smaller glass panels  as horizontal slats which are angled to admit light and air, but keeps out wind and rain. By using a suitable mechanical linkage, the angle of the Glass Louvres, can be fully adjustable and be kept closed, partially open or fully open if desired. In some situations the slats can be permanently fixed in one position. Louvres have survived the test of time and are widely used due to their practical applications and design, making them an option well worth considering while building a house.


The advantage of Glass Louvre windows is that depending on the need the window can be closed, open or kept partially open. This means that the quantity of sunlight or air circulation in a room can be minutely controlled. In ordinary windows, it has to be kept either open or shut, where as with Louvre Windows, you can keep them just open to circulate air or let in minimum sunlight. Modern Glass Louvre Windows are made using slats of glass and are opened or closed using a mechanical lever. The glass can be transparent, colored or opaque. With the modern designs of Glass Louvre windows the indoor lighting can certainly be improved with a overall larger glass area. The glass slats can also be toughened safety glass to avoid shattering and breakage..

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The frame of Glass Louvre windows can be of many types. It can be installed in a single frame or installed using a combination of hinged, fixed or sliding windows. Timber gives Glass Louvre windows a very elegant, homely look and will enhance the beauty of the window. ALLKIND is a well known for window manufacturing and can supply the Glass Louvre windows of your choice. We have a wide range of designs, sizes and shapes to choose from, and we believe in supplying the highest quality product for the right application for your home or business.

Timber Louvres

Practical and Versatile

Timber Louvres add a touch of elegance to your home.  They are very practical and can be used to control sunlight and air circulation while keeping out the weather. Modern Timber Louvre windows consists of timber shutters fitted into a frame, with the shutters opening or closing all together using a lever mechanism.  The Timber Louvre window itself may also be fitted on a hinge to the frame to allow the entire window to also be opened.  Timber Louvres can also be used fitted within doors. The key advantages of Timber Louvre Windows lie in their versatility.

Quality Craftsmanship

A key aspect of Timber Louvre windows, as with any timber joinery, is the quality with which it is made. The timber used should be of top quality and the workmanship should be of the highest standard.  ALLKIND recommends that your timber louvres be stained or painted to seal against the elements.  A well-made and finished Timber Louvre window requires minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime.

ALLKIND Joinery - Louvre Windows - Timber LouvresALLKIND are well-established as a prestige timber joinery and widely recognized as leaders in their field, with product quality that is second-to-none.  There are numerous designs, sizes and colors to choose from, and we can make any custom built timber louvres to suit your needs.  When you order your new Timber Louvres with ALLKIND, you can be sure the product is made with the highest quality of workmanship and materials.


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