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A Panoramic View

A sash is a frame, made of timber, aluminum or plastic, fitted around a glass pane. Sashless windows are the perfect solution for a clear, unobstructed view. The secret of a Sashless windows is in glass production techniques. Modern glass manufacturing methods have made glass stronger and generally more affordable. The cost of a 6mm thick glass pane in particular, the minimum thickness required for a Sashless window, became more affordable, leading to its widespread use. The unobstructed view makes Sashless windows the ideal choice for many homes. Sashless sliding and double hung windows are also available to additionally provide air circulation.

ALLKIND Joinery - Sashless Windows - Panoramic ViewTypes of Sashless Windows

Vertical Sashless windows are favored as easier to open than the traditional double-hung windows due to their lighter weight. They also have a hidden counter-balancing mechanism which allows for effortless opening of both of the glass panes simultaneously. Locking mechanisms can also be incorporated so that the window can be locked in position. In the closed position, the glass panes overlap and are designed to be sealed to prevent air and water seepage.

Sashless windows can be fitted into a timber frame on which the Sashless glass panes slide. A timber frame gives the window a solid, elegant look and can be painted or stained to suit the exterior or interior decor. It is also possible to have moldings on the frame. A high-quality timber frame is of critical importance to the functioning and life of a timber Sashless windows.

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