Renovators Range – Standard sizing Joinery

Renovators Range – Standard sizing Joinery

ALLKIND Joinery has been faithfully reproducing heritage style doors & windows since they opened their doors in 1970. Not only does ALLKIND insist on using the best sustainable timbers, they build them to last. Whilst cheaper doors made from inferior timbers can be made to look like heritage doors from a distance, they lack the style and sophistication of genuine cedar doors and almost certainly won’t withstand the test of time.

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If there has been one drawback to heritage doors made by prestige joinery, it has been that they have traditionally been prohibitively expensive for the average renovator. ALLKIND Joinery has removed this drawback with their renovator’s range of solid timber doors and windows.

  • Heritage doors
  • Modern style entry doors
  • Passage and patio doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Folding doors
  • French doors
  • Gates
  • Double hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Hopper windows
  • Bi-fold windows


Allkind Joinery & Glass Renovators Range Standard Sizing Doors and Windows

All of these doors and windows are available in Surian cedar and the Heritage door collection is also available in even more affordable maple; an ideal timber for painting or staining. What’s the difference between these heritage doors and the custom made Architectural style doors Allkind Joinery has been making for over 40 years? They are made in quantities and standard sizes, we can keep our prices down without compromising on quality.

Whilst not custom made, you can customise your order by choosing from several styles of doors and sidelights. If you prefer, choose one of two sizes of stunning entry suites that include leadlight side and top panels and intricate timber detailing.

When you buy timber doors from the Renovators Range, you can expect the same quality of workmanship, style and beauty that has made Allkind Joinery Brisbane’s prestige joinery since 1970. The only difference will be the lower price.

Catalogue & Price List

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