Timber Bi-fold Door options Allkind Joinery’s Renovators Range

Timber Bi-fold Door options Allkind Joinery’s Renovators Range

The timber bi-fold door can provide an elegant and effortless way to open and extend your home.  Bi-fold doors can achieve extremely large widths of up to 16 metres with numerous configurations that suit your home.  The bi-fold door system allows for the door panels to be folded away to the edge of the opening bringing the outdoors in and extending the living areas into the surrounding environment.

Some of the key feature of the timber bi-fold doors are:

  • Suitable for large openings
  • Smooth and simple operation
  • Option to fit with single access panel
  • Suitable for corner and curved openings
  • Available options: screen, blind, louvres, shutters and sashless windows.

Allkind Joinery & Glass through their Renovators Range offer a large variety of timber bi-fold door options.

Allkind Joinery & Glass Timber 2 Door Bi-Fold Glazing Options

Allkind Joinery & Glass 3 Door Bi-Fold Glazing Options

Timber Bi-fold door configurations for large openings - 4, 5, & 6 door

The timber bi-fold doors in the Allkind Joinery’s Renovators Range catalogue, are produced in quantities and standard sizes to keep costs down without sacrificing quality, rather than custom made one at a time.  The bi-fold doors are made from Surian Cedar or Maple and clear safety glass to Australian Standards (AS) 1288 is used on all glass panels.

For a full price list for the timber bi-fold doors from Allkind Joinery please follow the link below:

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