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Timber windows are the perfect accent to any home. These modern yet classic features are guaranteed to spruce up any room. Made of the highest quality wood, timber windows present a fresh take on the traditional design. Imagine a house with perfectly painted walls, expertly picked furniture, and gleaming crown moulding all complemented by richly stained wooden windows. When open, a fresh earthy scent fills each and every room. Sounds relaxing right? That’s the beauty of wooden windows.

To make this happen, experienced woodworkers need to pick the perfect timber. At Allkind Joinery & Glass, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer top of the line Western Red Cedar, New Guinea Rosewood, Merbau, Saurian Cedar, and Amoore for our windows. On top of these woods being of the highest standard, we offer a comprehensive guide on each one of them so you can learn more about each wood’s pros, cons, appearance, and qualities.

The design process is a collaborative effort. You get to decide which wood, finish, and colour are the best for your home’s design. However, if you’re not sure what you want your windows to look like, our team of passionate woodworkers can offer suggestions. All of this boils down to us wanting to provide you with the easiest and most enjoyable experience. Building and designing your home should be exciting, not stressful. To get the best timber windows in Beenleigh, call us today!

Are You Looking for Local Experts When It Comes to Timber Windows?

Are timber windows something you have been wanting to incorporate into your home but haven’t found the right person to do it? Have you spent time on the internet searching for “timber windows near me” in an effort to pick out the best designers in your area? Well search no further! At Allkind Joinery & Glass, we’re on a mission to bring the best hand-crafted wooden windows to homes across Beenleigh.

Our business was created in 1970 by woodworkers who wanted to give their own sense of flare and passion to clients’ homes. Over time, it has flourished into a successful and dedicated business. We use traditional and modern equipment to remember where we started and truly honour our craft. Our key staff members have worked with us for twenty-five years, and each new apprentice is personally trained by one of our trusted craftsmen.

We value our customers input. It’s how we’ve come to be known as the best professional timber window makers in Beenleigh. Our clients trust us, and that’s a privilege we do not take lightly. To maintain this wonderful relationship, our craftsmen put time and effort into each creation. If you’re interested in getting windows made by one of these experts, call us today!

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Proudly Serving Beenleigh

Beenleigh is a town and a suburb in the City of Logan, Queensland, Australia. The town is home to the Beenleigh Artisan Distillers, Australia’s oldest rum distillery. Allkind Joinery & Glass has been serving Beenleigh since 1970 and has become the leading manufacturer of high-quality prestige timbers windows and doors within the area.

Selecting the Perfect Timber Type
for Your Windows

New Guinea RosewoodSurian CedarMerbauAmooraWestern Red Cedar


New Guinea Rosewood (‘NGR’) is a stable hardwood that doesn’t chip, split and bleed as much as most other comparable hardwoods. NGR has a high rating against cracks and shrinkage, and is easier to sand, paint and polish than other softer woods. The price of NGR is economical compared to other comparable species of hardwoods. NGR can be more susceptible to slight leeching if not properly sealed with oil based paints. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our New Guinea Rosewood from Australian timber merchants.

Natural Golden Yellow and Brown colour with a variable grain, giving NGR a desirable natural appearance with character.

Excellent: Hardness, Finish, Stability, Durability and Machining.
Good: Resistance to Splitting.


Surian Cedar (‘SC’) is a durable timber with a high rating against cracks and shrinking. SC is a lighter wood, and is more affordable than some other timber species. SC is softer than its comparable hardwood counterparts, and can be susceptible to slightly more movement. Paint finishing of SC requires more attention than, for example, New Guinea Rosewood. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our Surian Cedar from Australian timber merchants.

Darker Brown to Red colour with a consistent grain.

Excellent: Finish and Durability
Good: Stability, Machining and Resistance to Splitting
Medium: Hardness


Merbau is a strong and durable hardwood, commonly used for timber joinery framing, decking and cladding. Merbau is one of the hardest woods available on the Australian market, though can be more susceptible to leaching than other comparable timbers. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our Merbau from Australian timber merchants.

Well-defined yellow to brown and dark red brown colour with an interlocked grain.

Excellent: Hardness and Durability
Good: Finish, Stability, Machining and Resistance to Splitting


Amoora is stable hardwood with a desirable finish that requires less attention when painting than softer woods. Amoora can typically be slightly more affordable than some other timbers, and is often criticized for its very heavy weight and abrasiveness on tools. It is also know to be more susceptible to splits and cracks, with a lower rating against movement than comparable timbers such as New Guinea Rosewood. ALLKIND is proudly an Australian owned company based in QLD, and we source our Amoora from Australian timber merchants.

Plain pink and brown colour with a consistent grain.

Excellent: Hardness and Finish
Good: Durability
Neutral: Stability, and Resistance to Splitting
Fair: Machining


Western Red Cedar (‘WRC’) is a relatively durable but very soft wood, commonly used only for cabinetry detailing and cladding. WRC is more susceptible to movement than most other comparable timbers. ALLKIND often recommends alternative solutions before using WRC for timber joinery in Queensland homes, as it is not a strong performing timber in the humid, sub-tropical climate.

Yellowish to brown colour with a straight grain and uneven texture.

Good: Finish, Machining, Resistance to Splitting.
Poor: Hardness


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