Timber Windows – what are the different options available?

Timber Windows –  what are the different options available?

Nothing says “Home” quite like the warmth of timber. Well-constructed timber windows look spectacular in any home and have an undeniable aesthetic appeal. If you’re doing home renovations, do yourself a favour and check out the variety of quality timber windows by Allkind Joinery & Glass before finalising your plans. Timber windows marry creativity with practicality, let us help you choose your perfect match from our wide range of styles.


 6 leaf center opening timber Bi-fold windows with insect screen - Kitchen servery // via Allkind

Timber bi-fold windows are a brilliant idea anywhere you want to open a wide expanse of wall to the outdoors. Why limit yourself to the standard sliding window in front of your sink? Why not a set of bi-folds running the full length of the wall instead? Include an extended sill for a beautiful servery to your outdoor entertainment area. You’ll also appreciate the flood of natural light to your food preparation areas. A bank of timber bi-fold windows naturally draws the eye and has the added benefit of making a small kitchen appear much larger.

Allkind Joinery & Glass - Sliding Windows in BathroomTimber sliding windows are ideal for those situations where bi-folds might not work. Sliding windows or timber stackers are very easy to open and close as they slide along a track.  Minimal maintenance is required to ensure smooth operation and they are long lasting.  Timber sliding windows create a great open look and good ventilation without obstructing access.

Allkind Joinery & Glass - Extra large timber Casement windowsTimber casement windows offer numerous attractive design features and are the second most energy-efficient after fixed-pane windows. The hardwearing and versatile casement window has many different configurations as the openers can be top or side hung, or even fixed. The most recognisable casement is the side hung which is hinged at the side for easy opening. The top hung, or awning casement, is hinged at the top, perfect for wet climates as it blocks out rain. Lead Lighting can break up the monotony of a large bank of side hung casements and adds uniqueness to your home. Timber casement windows open all the way outward providing excellent natural ventilation and light.

Allkind Joinery & Glass - Double Hung Window DesignsThere is a practical elegance to timber double hung windows that can’t be beat. Called “double hung” because they can be opened from the top or the bottom, they are extremely versatile, allowing you to open the top half to expel hot air and the bottom half to allow cooler breezes to enter. Aesthetically adaptable and easy to maintain, double hung windows have a classic appeal that makes them suitable for any style of home.

Allkind Joinery & Glass - Duke Louvre Window DesignsTimber framed louvre windows can have a wide range of practical applications in all types of buildings.  Louvre windows consist of a timber frame surround with smaller glass/wooden/aluminium panels as horizontal slats which are angled to admit light and air, while keeping out wind and rain. By using a suitable mechanical linkage, the angle of the Louvres can be fully adjustable and be kept closed, partially open, or fully open if desired. In some situations the slats can be permanently fixed in one position.  Louvres have survived the test of time and are widely used for their practical applications and design, making them an option well worth considering when building or renovating a house.

Allkind Joinery & Glass - Hopper and Awning Window DesignsTimber hopper/awning windows are hinged on the top of  the sash and open outwards. Hopper/Awning windows are a popular choice, generally used for smaller openings as they can be opened completely. The small size of the Hopper window means it requires minimal space compared to a sliding window, which for a similar size, allows only half the space for ventilation. Due to its small size, yet relatively large opening area, Hopper windows are the windows of choice in lower levels like garages, workshops and bathrooms. Timber Hopper windows are simple in design, highly functional, and can easily be manufactured to suit your needs.

An alternative to timber bi-fold windows are the gas strut awning windows. These are hinged at the top and push out and are often seen in serveries.  The addition of a gas strut means you don’t need extra supports along the length top member of the window frame (known as the head). You get the maximum possible opening and view with a single push. The strut also does all the work when it comes to closing the window. You just need to give it a gentle push and it does all the rest.   Generally there are no size restrictions as all windows are custom made to your needs.

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