Timber Hopper Windows

Timber Hopper Windows and Awning Windows

Timber Awning Windows BrisbaneTimber Hopper Windows are basically a single style window somewhat like a Casement Window and are both single side hinged for opening and do not slide. Timber Hopper Windows , are hinged on the bottom so they open inwards or outwards from the top. Timber Awning Windows are similar in nature as they are hinged on the top and open outwards. Hopper & Awning Windows are popular even today and are generally used for small areas and openings that lack opening space.

Where To Use Timber Hopper or Awning Windows

Timber Hopper Windows are highly suitable for small spaces as they can be opened completely. The small size of the Hopper or Awning Window means it requires minimal space compared to a sliding window, which for a similar size, allows only half the space for ventilation. Due to its small size, yet relatively large opening area, Timber Hoppers are the windows of choice in lower levels like garages, workshops and bathrooms. In a bathroom situation it is generally located above the shower or tub area where space is at a premium. In some buildings, Timber Hopper Windows are located above larger style windows for extra ventilation and light transfer.

 Timber Hopper or Awning Windows being simple in design, are highly functional windows and not merely ornamental. Replacement or new windows are easily manufactured and available to suit your requirements. Timber Hopper Windows design is energy efficient and provides maximum functionality for any small openings. Since Timber Awning & Hopper Windows are used in garages, under house, bathrooms etc, privacy may be an issue. These windows can be can be covered using a curtains or blinds, or tinted opaque glass can be used as well as privacy films as an alternative if required.

Timber Hopper Windows Maintenance

Timber Awning/Hopper Windows accommodate a full window screen due to its single opening inwards or outwards. The frame of the Hopper Window can be made of wood, or aluminum materials. This makes them practical for all types of installations. However, Timber Hopper Windows have a good looking appearance and can be stained or painted to match the interior and exterior colour of the building and provide insulating properties as well. They require minimum Timber Hopper Windows Brisbane 02maintenance and if located in areas prone to dampness, it should be ensured that Timber Hopper Windows are made from good quality, treated timber and sealed well. Since they are sometimes located in lower level areas or a security risk prone area, the workmanship and window hardware be good to ensure it is solid, secure and difficult to open from the outside when closed.

Though it is more functional than decorative, good Timber Hopper Windows are a wise investment and can turn an otherwise bland window into a eye catching window style. Allkind Joinery & Glass located in Brisbane, Australia are market leaders in the manufacture and installation of Timber Hopper Windows, Timber Awning Windows and related products.
Visit our Timber Hopper Windows Showroom to view the various stocked ranges with all the standard designs and sizes on demand. Our helpful staff will gladly answer your queries and advise you on which model suits your needs the best. When purchasing Timber Hopper Windows contact Allkind Joinery & Glass – you will get maximum value for money.

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