Beautiful Custom-made Timber
Double Hung Windows.


Premium quality double hung windows

Create that beautiful, ‘welcome home’ feeling

Timber windows create a beautiful, timeless aesthetic in your home. Nothing creates that warm, homely feeling like natural timber and bespoke design. Combined with our quality craftsmanship, timber double hung windows create character in your home, whether it’s a traditional Queenslander or a modern home.

At ALLKIND, we craft our doors and windows from only the best, select grade timbers. We favour and recommend quality, select grade hardwoods with durability fit for our Australian climate. This is really important to us. We don’t compromise on quality and use beautiful, durable timbers to make sure your doors and windows not only stand out, but also stand the test of time.

Have a question about how we make our timber double hung windows? Get in touch with our friendly team.

hamptons style backyard patio with custom timber windows and doors painted white

Timber double hung windows for a timeless, sophisticated look

The natural look and feel of timber, matched with the design aesthetic of the double hung window, can create a classic and timeless look in your home. Whether for a traditional Queenslander, industrial apartment, or modern home, timber double hung windows are the perfect addition.

With decades of experience working in conjunction with Australia’s top builders, architects and designers, our timber joiners and wood machinists have the technical skill and aesthetic appreciation to passionately hand craft your timber windows to the consistently high standard we’ve delivered to our clients for over 50 years.

A double hung window can provide superior ventilation

Create superior airflow and ventilation throughout your home with double hung windows. These windows are perfect for creating a brighter space while circulating a lovely breeze throughout your home. Open up the top sash, bottom sash, or both window sashes to let the breeze into your home.

Transform your space with a double hung window

Stunning custom-made timber double hung windows offer even more than letting beautiful natural light inside. They can also make a real impact on the interior of your home and enhance your space. It’s the perfect way to transform the aesthetic and feeling inside your home.

hamptons inspired living room with white timber double hung windows

Why ALLKIND Joinery?

We’ve proudly been making timber windows for over 50 years. We believe in crafting beautiful, natural timber products that add warmth and durability in your home. Here’s how we’ve built our reputation for second-to-none product quality and customer service.

hamptons inspired bedroom with double hung windows and doors made with premium quality timber

Joinery for life

Our timber windows are made to last. From the premium quality timber and materials we select for your double hung window, to the level of passion, expertise and craftsmanship we provide, we craft all our windows with longevity in mind.

A collaborative approach

We’re here to work with you to achieve your vision. Our team will work to understand your “why” and collaborate with you and your builders, architects, and other professionals to perfect your home.

Made locally

Our showroom, factory and team of talented joiners are all here on-site in Chermside on Brisbane’s northside. All of our custom-made timber doors and windows are skilfully hand-crafted to ensure our joinery is consistently of the highest quality.

Experts in windows

We pride ourselves on being experts in timber windows and continue to expand our product knowledge and upskill our people. Double hung windows are just one of our specialties, and we absolutely love contributing to our customers’ homes with stunning timber windows and doors.

Innovative, while maintaining traditional construction methods

All our custom timber windows are skilfully hand-crafted here on-site. We blend traditional timber joinery construction methods with modern machine-based techniques to deliver innovative design solutions for our customers. We do this while paying full respect and homage to traditional manufacturing techniques and aesthetics. After spending more than 50 years in business, we’re proud of our aptitude for modernising traditional timber doors and windows.

hamptons style backyard patio with high quality custom timber doors and windows

Crafting stunning custom double hung windows for over 50 years

Established in 1970, we’ve been providing timber window solutions for more than five decades. We’re passionate about what we do and why we do it. Our experienced timber joiners are dedicated to creating unique timber windows that will have a premium quality feel and longevity in your home. We take every care in the selection of materials and are passionate about our quality craftsmanship. We’re proud of being a local business here in Brisbane for over 50 years.

Unrivalled service and value

We pride ourselves on the value we provide through our unique service offering. Our unrivalled product quality stems from our passion for timber and our joinery making processes. We pre-hang most joinery to ensure accuracy. We fit hinges and hardware and can also pre-seal/prime your joinery and arrange installation for you. Our drafting team can do a final site measure and prepare drawings before we make your joinery and our knowledgeable Joinery Consultants are here to work with you every step of the way.

hamptons style reading nook with double hung windows in custom white timber
white double hung window in a kitchen

Getting started with a quote for your new double hung window


Ready to get started with a tailored quote for your new custom-made timber double hung window? We’d love it if you could let us know:

  • An idea of the designs you like (feel free to send us reference photos)
  • The approximate required sizes
  • Your contact details and the site address

We might also ask you if you have a preferred timber species, need delivery or installation, or would like us to allow for any pre-priming or pre-sealing.

When you’re ready, get in touch with our friendly, experienced team to discuss your project today. We’d love to hear from you!

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