Custom-made timber
entry & pivot doors.

Premium Quality, Made in QLD

Your front door leaves a lasting first impression. So, make it count with one of our quality, custom-made timber doors . Our custom-made doors are recognised for the solid timbers and premium hardware we use, their superior quality construction, and beautiful aesthetic appeal.

We don’t compromise on quality and our high standards are why we’ve been fortunate enough to work with the best builders and architects across South East Queensland for more than five decades.

entrance of a house renovated in white and brown custom timber

Premium quality products and unrivaled customer service.

Custom Entry and Pivot Doors

Care and quality are at the core of our values as a local timber joinery. We’re passionate about delivering premium quality products and unrivalled customer service for all our clients. We care about the timbers we use. We care about our craftsmanship, the finish and all the finer details. We care about making sure you get the entry door you want, and that it’s made to last.

Getting started – FAQ

Only the best, solid timbers and premium glazing.

A quality entry door starts with the choice of timber. We source the very best hardwoods for our timber doors, selected for our South East Queensland climate.

Our Australian timber suppliers are as dedicated as we are, carefully selecting timbers for making doors and windows that accentuate the natural colours and grains of wood.

The timbers we use are sourced from Australian suppliers and are a mix of species native to Australia (e.g. black butt, Tasmanian oak) and species from neighbouring countries (e.g. New Guinea Rosewood). We can custom make your entry doors from a variety of different timber species, to suit your distinctive taste.

We can source most types of glass available in Australia. We can also work closely with you (or your builder, architect or interior designer) to select the best glazing options for your entry door, for a more energy efficient home and to minimise outside noise.

Beautiful, natural timber doors with longevity.

Once we have sourced the best timbers, they are delivered in planks to our on-site joinery factory here in Brisbane, where our expert tradespeople get to machining and crafting your entry door. Our team are masters at what they do and uphold the premium quality product we’re renowned for. Our talented timber joiners and wood machinists are dedicated to their craft and spend time ensuring each joint is precise.

We utilise modern machining technology, while maintaining traditional joinery construction methods that focus on producing the best quality doors. Every door we custom make is constructed in our joinery factory and inspected as it leaves the workshop, before being handed over to our friendly delivery team and making its way to you!

The highest quality, in every detail and finish.

When you have a quality seal coat hand-applied with care, you ensure a premium product with a custom-made feel, that raises the aesthetic appeal of your whole home, and ultimately adds more value.

We can apply a pre-seal (i.e. clear coat or oil-based stain) or pre-prime (i.e. white paint primer) to your timber doors and windows for you, prior to delivery. It’s an optional extra, but most of our clients choose to have us do this for them. A key benefit of us applying the pre-seal or pre-prime for you in our factory is we’re able to do that before we do our glazing, ensuring a comprehensive application.

Our premium factory finish helps protect the longevity of your custom-made entry or pivot door and gives it a superior look and texture.

large single lite pivot door glass sidelights custom timber handle
light brown custom timber framed glass entry door with a long top to bottom handle

There is a good reason why solid timber doors are so popular for home construction and renovations. A well-crafted, custom-built timber door will never go out of style and there will never be a replacement for that feeling of having a solid, timber door at the entrance of your home. It will always impress.

We’ve been making timber entry doors at our Brisbane workshop for over 50 years. We’re fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most prestigious and innovative architects and builders, who have created some of the most beautiful and unique homes across South East Queensland.

Pivot doors

We also specialise in custom-made pivot doors, where quality construction and operation is paramount. Pivot doors suit larger front entrances and are extremely popular. They have a unique motion that grabs the attention of people. What people will notice about our pivot doors is the balance, the smooth motion, the quality of the timber and the solid feel of the door.

Pivot doors are large and are a star feature to any home entrance. We use the best pivot mechanisms, known for their durability and reliability. We custom make all our pivot doors, ensuring a smooth and perfectly balanced motion that will require little effort to open, despite their impressive size and solid feel.

allkind team standing near a large front door australia

Expertise you can rely on.

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We have rich traditions, spanning over more than 50 years, in what we do and how we do it. Many in our team here at ALLKIND have been with us for large parts of our journey. With decades of experience constructing timber joinery, our team is dedicated to their craft and has the expertise you can trust.

Our tradition of excellence is evident in the quality and detail of our timber doors and windows. With decades of experience working in conjunction with Australia’s top builders, architects and designers, our timber joiners and wood machinists have the technical skill and aesthetic appreciation to passionately hand craft your timber joinery to the consistently high standard we’ve delivered to our clients for over 50 years.

Crafted locally.

All our custom timber entry doors and pivot doors are skilfully hand-crafted here on-site, where we’ve been making joinery since 1970. A lot’s changed in that time, but as we’ve upgraded our factory with modern machinery, we’ve faithfully maintained traditional joinery construction methods.

side entrance of a house with glazed timber flooring and a custom made timber entry door with top to bottom handle and louvre windows

A collaborative approach.

We believe in working closely with our clients every step of the way, from planning and quoting through to delivery and installation.

We get to know our clients and beyond determining the scope, seek to fully appreciate their ‘why’ for the project to work together in achieving their vision.

We collaborate with our clients, and their Architect, Builder and Interior Designer, to best work in and support each other’s needs in delivering the project.

Our clients’ perception of our work is imperative and we believe in the importance of a trusting relationship. For us, it’s all about consistently delivering an outstanding client experience.

Contact us if you are looking for superior, custom-made entrance doors crafted right here at our Chermside workshop.

Entry doors.

Entry doors

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