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allkind joinery thanks their five thousand instagram followers for their support

ALLKIND Joinery thanks our FIVE THOUSAND Followers for Their Support!

allkind joinery thanks their five thousand instagram followers for their support

We’re absolutely thrilled to have the support of 5,000 followers here on Instagram – Wow!

First, a massive thank you to our incredibly talented team in the joinery workshop – it’s all their hard work that’s photographed here — Well done.

Thank you to our customers, for choosing to work with us and generously allowing us to share our projects together here on Instagram. We’re passionate about what we do and why we do it, and are always proud to show off the end product!

And to all our suppliers and collaborators, we appreciate all your support in achieving our customers’ vision. As a local business, we believe in consistently delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Thank you!! – the ALLKIND team

kitchen bench opening to balcony table with custom made sliding doors

Primrose Reno: A Blend of Traditional and Modern Styling

Design Brief

Recently we collaborated with Frameology Constructions and Plot Architecture on a beautiful home in Paddington.

When Angelo and I walked through the property with its dedicated builder, Matt, it was evident that every corner of this house had been touched by meticulous craftsmanship and passion. We knew right from the start that this project was going to be a truly special, one of a kind renovation – and we couldn’t have been more excited, nor more proud, of how the end result turned out.

Let’s dive into the renovations we helped shape that elevated this home from a beautiful old Queenslander to the stunning blend of tradition and modern architecture we see today.

Striking Timber Joinery – And A Lovely Pink Door!

Upon entering the renovated home, you’re immediately greeted by the vibrant pink front door – which is a statement piece in itself! But it’s not just about the colour; the custom timber handle and state-of-the-art electronic lock showcase our commitment to not only aesthetics, but functionality as well. We’re very proud to have contributed to this wonderful front entry.

The continued use of timber joinery, similar to the door’s handle, throughout the home adds a touch of warmth and character, and reflects our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and consistently cohesive visual design.

pink front doors australia with custom timber handle

Sliding Doors: Bridging Indoors and Outdoors

One of our proudest additions to this family home is the custom-made sliding doors which lead out to the back deck. This isn’t just an entryway; these doors are a design statement.

Their uniqueness lies in a sashless window panel fitted to one end, a feature allowing for a refreshing breeze to flow in even when the doors are shut. This blend of functionality and design ensures that the indoors and outdoors are harmoniously brought together, and also ensures the residents of this lovely home get the best of both worlds.

custom-made timber sliding doors to the back deck

A Nod to Queensland’s Heritage

This renovated property beautifully captures the essence of a traditional Paddington Queenslander, which is why we were reluctant to make too many drastic changes to its architecture. After all, why mess with perfection?

With our addition of new French doors at the front, along with the other doors and windows throughout the extension, we aimed to retain the home’s authentic vibe while infusing it with contemporary flair. This way, the home maintained its original gorgeous appearance, with just a hint of the modernity we aimed to bring to its design. This all showcases the wonderful design from architect Julie Lawrence (Plot Architecture) and the quality craftsmanship by the builder Matt Grieve and the Frameology Constructions team.

traditional Paddington Queenslander home

Brightening Spaces with Thoughtful Design

It’s often the subtle touches that leave a lasting impact. A prime example in this renovation is the fixed glass window pane. Framed with timber, this strategically placed window floods the living area with natural light, all while ensuring privacy. It truly stands as a testament to the thoughtful design and planning that went into this project from not just us, but Frameology Constructions and Plot Architecture, too.

Fixed glass window pane framed with timber

A Wonderfully Collaborative Journey

We cherish the relationships we forge during our projects. Working alongside Matt from Frameology Constructions once again was an immensely rewarding experience, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Matt’s dedication to impeccable craftsmanship complements our ethos at ALLKIND Joinery perfectly.

We were also thrilled to see the designs Julie from Plot Architecture proposed throughout the renovation, and we’re excited to see what other projects such a talented architecture has ready and raring to go.

master bedroom walk-in wardrobe with custom timber
open floor plan living room, kitchen, and dining room that extends out to the back deck with allkind joinery's custom timber sliding doors
custom-made timber sliding doors opening to the back deck

Stay Updated with ALLKIND Joinery

For those curious about the step-by-step transformation of this magnificent home, you can find progress updates on the dedicated Primrose Reno Instagram account.

For those wanting to see the stunning end results, you can view our own ALLKIND account to see photos of how this gorgeous property turned out. Our Instagram offers insights and updates – and not just from our Princess Street renovation, but on all of our other projects, too!

In Appreciation

Our biggest congratulations to everyone involved in bringing the Primrose Reno vision to life. It’s projects like these that reaffirm our passion for creating spaces that resonate with warmth, function, and timeless beauty.

We eagerly await the next opportunity to transform your cherished spaces into homes filled with memories!


  • Builder: Frameology Constructions
  • Architect: Plot Architecture
arched timber windows

Top 10 Tips for Saving Energy at Home with Better Window Choices

heritage style timber rounded arched doors

Embracing energy efficiency in your residential or commercial property goes beyond merely curbing energy costs; it’s a substantial step towards mitigating your carbon footprint and fostering sustainability. Making smart choices about your windows is central to this endeavour.

Here at ALLKIND Joinery, our interior living spaces are not simply areas for daily activities; they are a reflection of our dedication to environmental preservation. By selecting eco-friendly timber windows and using sustainable materials sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests, we are actively championing sustainability. We delve into fundamental considerations such as the positioning and orientation of windows, the significance of solid timber as a window frame material, and the critical necessity of proper window maintenance. Each of these components contributes to a property that isn’t only energy-efficient, but also mindful of its environmental impact.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide ten invaluable tips to empower you, as a property owner in SE Queensland, to comprehend the role of energy efficiency in your window design. This equips you to make educated decisions about the aspects of products we here at ALLKIND Joinery offer; window types and frame materials, how to integrate effective ventilation and window treatments, how to wisely invest in advanced window technologies, and the ways in which you must comply with local building regulations and energy codes.

Now that we have set the stage, let’s delve deeper into understanding the nuances of energy efficiency in window design, starting with the importance of choosing the right type of window.

wide timber framed awning window above kitchen sink

1. Understanding Energy Efficiency in Window Design

In our efforts to conserve energy and curb carbon emissions, we place considerable importance on energy efficiency in window design, centring our attention on principles like heat flow and insulation. The ideal window for our Queensland climate is one that effectively blocks undesirable heat gain in summer while inhibiting heat loss in winter, thereby bolstering a property’s overall energy efficiency.

Conversely, we understand that inadequately insulated windows may let energy slip away, leading to a rise in energy expenses. We find that our energy efficiency efforts are enhanced by using eco-friendly materials such as solid timber for window frames, given that timber is naturally renewable and has impressive insulating capabilities.

2. Choosing the Right Type of Energy Efficient Window

We recognise that different window types can substantially impact the energy efficiency of both residential and commercial properties. That’s why we make a variety of windows types, such as double-hung, casement, and sliding windows. Each of these styles has unique energy performance characteristics; for example, casement windows provide a tight seal when closed and offer superior resistance to air leakage, whilst sliding windows offer commendable energy efficiency when constructed and installed correctly, despite not being as airtight.

3. The Importance of Window Frame Material

In our experience, the choice of material for window frames plays a significant role in determining a property’s energy efficiency. Among various frame materials, we hold solid timber in high regard due to its natural insulating properties, which can mitigate energy loss and contribute to reduced carbon emissions. When we opt for Forest Stewardship Council-certified timber, sourced from sustainable forests, we are also advocating for responsible harvesting that decreases overall carbon dioxide emissions and lessens environmental impact.

4. Incorporating Ventilation in Window Design

We believe that appropriate ventilation is crucial when designing energy-efficient windows. Well-constructed windows can facilitate natural airflow, thus diminishing the need for energy-intensive artificial cooling systems, resulting in a reduction of energy costs.

We’ve also found that strategic window placement, such as positioning windows on opposite walls for cross-ventilation, can optimise the flow of fresh air and augments energy efficiency.

5. The Advantages of Investing in Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows, which integrate two glass layers with an intermediate space, offer insulation superior to that of single-glazed variants. We’ve noted how this upgrade can enhance energy efficiency and can significantly cut down energy costs over time.

6. Appreciating the Impact of Window Treatments

In our approach to insulation and energy conservation, we recognise the significant role that window treatments, including blinds, curtains, and shutters, play in a property. Despite their primary functions revolving around privacy and light regulation, we’ve observed that these treatments can assist in decreasing unwanted heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. For instance, we’ve found thermal blinds or curtains can act as an additional layer of insulation, thereby diminishing energy loss through windows.

7. The Significance of Window Orientation and Placement

The orientation and positioning of windows play an integral role in optimising natural light, thereby reducing dependence on artificial lighting and enhancing energy efficiency. North or north-east facing windows capture the morning sun, delivering natural heat and light. Conversely, windows facing the west can cause increased heat in the afternoon and should ideally be smaller or fitted with shading devices.

Considering the sun’s trajectory, while recognising its seasonal changes, is critical in our approach to window placement. As part of our comprehensive sustainable design method, this strategy aids in lowering energy consumption, especially when paired with other sustainable materials.

8. Incorporating Advanced Energy Saving Window Technologies

Our application of advanced window technologies, such as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings and gas fills, has led us to observe a significant boost in energy efficiency.

In our experience, we’ve noticed that Low-E coatings have the ability to reflect infrared light. This feature helps to ensure that properties remain warm during winter as it reflects the interior heat back inside. During summer, these coatings function to keep properties cool by reflecting the external heat back outside. Similarly, our experiences have shown that the introduction of gas fills between glass panes adds an extra layer of insulation, thereby further reducing the flow of heat.

When these advanced technologies are paired with solid timber frames, they form a high-performing, energy-efficient solution that contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

9. The Importance of Regular Window Maintenance

Our approach to enduring energy efficiency of windows necessitates routine maintenance and inspection.

We’ve noticed that over time, weather stripping and caulking can deteriorate, leading to air leaks and increased energy usage. Therefore, it is crucial for us to examine these elements annually and replace them as needed to maintain optimal insulation.

Similarly, we believe that the condition of solid timber frames should be periodically assessed and serviced, ensuring they remain in prime condition to continue contributing to energy efficiency.

10. The Role of Local Building Regulations and Energy Codes

In SE Queensland, local building regulations and energy codes play an essential role in promoting energy efficiency. These regulations establish benchmarks for the thermal performance of windows, measured in terms of U-value (heat transfer) and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

Our compliance with these codes not only ensures environmental responsibility of residential and commercial properties but also encourages the use of sustainable materials such as Forest Stewardship Council-certified timber. Thus, understanding and following these codes, in our experience, can lead to better energy savings and a minimised carbon footprint.

premium quality custom timber bifold windows above the kitchen sink

Revamp your Interior Living Spaces with Energy Saving Windows Today

It’s clear that energy efficiency is a multifaceted concept, extending beyond just reducing power usage. It demands careful consideration of window design, materials, maintenance, along with an understanding and observance of local energy codes. When combined, these strategies lead to considerable savings on energy bills and a significant reduction in your carbon footprint. Moreover, using sustainable materials from forest-certified sources for your windows encourages a sustainable lifestyle, promotes renewable resources, and supports responsible forestry.

As we all progress towards a more sustainable way of living, it’s important to remember that every choice matters, and ALLKIND Joinery is here to support you. Our expert team can guide you in choosing top-quality, eco-friendly timber windows, which not only enrich the aesthetics of your residential or commercial properties but also contribute to energy efficiency.

Let’s work together to create interior living spaces that exemplify our commitment to a sustainable future. Choose ALLKIND Joinery for help with curating a property that truly respects the environment.

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renovated resort style home with a green front yard and two palm trees

Samford House

Design Brief

The aim of the Samford House was to deliver a resort-style home, influenced by a tropical North Queensland lifestyle. The client’s brief described an expansive home that was luxuriously appointed, yet embodied the small country-town feel that is characteristic of Samford Valley.

Expressions of interest for the project design were invited from three of Brisbane’s leading building designers. The design of the house was eventually chosen to be completed by Concepts Unlimited. The design comprised 1030m2 under roof plus a five car garage and six car 180m2 shed. A key consideration of the design was to incorporate the house into the landscape. The goal was to preserve the gentle slope of the block and capture the exceptional views. To achieve this, there could be no evident cut and fill lines, so excavation required careful consideration.

renovated resort style home inspired by the tropical north queensland lifestyle
Timber framed front entry with custom pivot door by ALLKIND Joinery. Photo: Scott Burrows

Residence Features

The Samford House comprises a magnificent residence consisting of five bedrooms. The home includes a guest wing with adjoining catwalk over the swimming pool, plus a well-appointed powder room and three bathrooms. The master suite wing has a Hollywood style walk-in-robe and en suite overlooking the beautiful Samford Valley. The home also boasts a grand chef’s kitchen, fitted with top of the range European appliances and a four metre stone island bench.

Australia’s largest custom gas residential fireplace

At the time of construction, the Samford Project boasted Australia’s largest custom gas residential fireplace. Constructed by Jetmaster Fireplaces, the fireplace is a custom design which took eight weeks to manufacture and features a 3.6m cantilevered top and exposed flue.

The Samford House is fully automated with external remote access technology for security and appliance operation. A large home cinema features full surround sound and ceiling star lighting with indirect troffer LED lights around the perimeter.

Stunning landscaping

The most impressive components of the landscaping are the two large integrated pool. They have beach access, a custom-built waterfall, creek and wet edge. A separate room houses the entire pool pump and equipment, including the waterfall boost pumps and edge pumps so the landscape is not detracted from. To enhance the indoor/outdoor living style of the design, a threshold-free system was developed by rebating all windows and door thresholds to create seamless flow from internal to external living areas.

large glass pivot door leading into the house
Timber framed front entry with custom pivot door by ALLKIND Joinery. Photo: Scott Burrows

The Front Entrance

The entrance to the Samford House consists of a large scissor truss and clear timber finished portico. The entrance creates grandeur, while balancing the scale of the house on the block.

Custom pivot entry door

The timber framed front entry unit was custom made by ALLKIND Joinery and features a massive single lite pivot door. The stunning space is filled with natural light, courtesy of the arched toplight and glass sidelights.

large glass pivot door leading into the house

This impressive residence captures the friendly essence of life in a small country town. Yet, it allows for a contemporary outdoor living style through seamless indoor/outdoor living areas and magnificent views. The home combines the latest in modern technology and construction techniques with the highest quality fittings and building materials. It subtly pays tribute to the original landscape, resulting in a magnificent home that defines easy living and perfectly embodies the client’s original design brief.

Project Duration

Construction of the Samford Project commenced in February 2013. The duration of the project was approximately twelve months. The build included a lengthy excavation, construction of the footing slab and the swimming pool.

Construction Budget

The Samford House exceeded the client’s expectations. It adhered to the design plan, operational time frame and budget, with the residence construction costs totalling $1.9mil.

renovated resort style home with a green front yard and two palm trees
Timber framed front entry with custom pivot door by ALLKIND Joinery. Photo: Scott Burrows

‘Samford House’

Project collaborators

  • Built by JBS Build
  • Project description provided by JBS Build
  • Photos by Scott Burrows
  • Custom timber pivot door by ALLKIND Joinery

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