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kitchen bench opening to balcony table with custom made sliding doors

Primrose Reno: A Blend of Traditional and Modern Styling

Design Brief

Recently we collaborated with Frameology Constructions and Plot Architecture on a beautiful home in Paddington.

When Angelo and I walked through the property with its dedicated builder, Matt, it was evident that every corner of this house had been touched by meticulous craftsmanship and passion. We knew right from the start that this project was going to be a truly special, one of a kind renovation – and we couldn’t have been more excited, nor more proud, of how the end result turned out.

Let’s dive into the renovations we helped shape that elevated this home from a beautiful old Queenslander to the stunning blend of tradition and modern architecture we see today.

Striking Timber Joinery – And A Lovely Pink Door!

Upon entering the renovated home, you’re immediately greeted by the vibrant pink front door – which is a statement piece in itself! But it’s not just about the colour; the custom timber handle and state-of-the-art electronic lock showcase our commitment to not only aesthetics, but functionality as well. We’re very proud to have contributed to this wonderful front entry.

The continued use of timber joinery, similar to the door’s handle, throughout the home adds a touch of warmth and character, and reflects our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and consistently cohesive visual design.

pink front doors australia with custom timber handle

Sliding Doors: Bridging Indoors and Outdoors

One of our proudest additions to this family home is the custom-made sliding doors which lead out to the back deck. This isn’t just an entryway; these doors are a design statement.

Their uniqueness lies in a sashless window panel fitted to one end, a feature allowing for a refreshing breeze to flow in even when the doors are shut. This blend of functionality and design ensures that the indoors and outdoors are harmoniously brought together, and also ensures the residents of this lovely home get the best of both worlds.

custom-made timber sliding doors to the back deck

A Nod to Queensland’s Heritage

This renovated property beautifully captures the essence of a traditional Paddington Queenslander, which is why we were reluctant to make too many drastic changes to its architecture. After all, why mess with perfection?

With our addition of new French doors at the front, along with the other doors and windows throughout the extension, we aimed to retain the home’s authentic vibe while infusing it with contemporary flair. This way, the home maintained its original gorgeous appearance, with just a hint of the modernity we aimed to bring to its design. This all showcases the wonderful design from architect Julie Lawrence (Plot Architecture) and the quality craftsmanship by the builder Matt Grieve and the Frameology Constructions team.

traditional Paddington Queenslander home

Brightening Spaces with Thoughtful Design

It’s often the subtle touches that leave a lasting impact. A prime example in this renovation is the fixed glass window pane. Framed with timber, this strategically placed window floods the living area with natural light, all while ensuring privacy. It truly stands as a testament to the thoughtful design and planning that went into this project from not just us, but Frameology Constructions and Plot Architecture, too.

Fixed glass window pane framed with timber

A Wonderfully Collaborative Journey

We cherish the relationships we forge during our projects. Working alongside Matt from Frameology Constructions once again was an immensely rewarding experience, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Matt’s dedication to impeccable craftsmanship complements our ethos at ALLKIND Joinery perfectly.

We were also thrilled to see the designs Julie from Plot Architecture proposed throughout the renovation, and we’re excited to see what other projects such a talented architecture has ready and raring to go.

master bedroom walk-in wardrobe with custom timber
open floor plan living room, kitchen, and dining room that extends out to the back deck with allkind joinery's custom timber sliding doors
custom-made timber sliding doors opening to the back deck

Stay Updated with ALLKIND Joinery

For those curious about the step-by-step transformation of this magnificent home, you can find progress updates on the dedicated Primrose Reno Instagram account.

For those wanting to see the stunning end results, you can view our own ALLKIND account to see photos of how this gorgeous property turned out. Our Instagram offers insights and updates – and not just from our Princess Street renovation, but on all of our other projects, too!

In Appreciation

Our biggest congratulations to everyone involved in bringing the Primrose Reno vision to life. It’s projects like these that reaffirm our passion for creating spaces that resonate with warmth, function, and timeless beauty.

We eagerly await the next opportunity to transform your cherished spaces into homes filled with memories!


  • Builder: Frameology Constructions
  • Architect: Plot Architecture

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